Anna Menezes – Body-stone: meeting of lands, 3:36, 2022


Anna Menezes promotes a walk in which she carries and feels the weight of the stones in his own body that is crossed by the identity of the woman, Latina american, lesbian proposing crossings through politics and before a Brazilian society marked by pain in denying a certain bodies, knowledge and worlds. For the artist, the body is an instrument of power, as denied identities – by Eurocentric thinking and linear way of being – are fighting tools.



Anna Menezes

The breadth of my relationship with the visual arts spans practical activity and academic development. I am from Brasilia capital of Brazil, 26 year old Latin American Lesbian woman I developed an artistic work focused on the insertion of movement in the static object as a way of exploring the corporeality, the psyche and the social relations of human beings, based on three-dimensional experimentation of photographic images based on the support as a corporal and conceptual structure. I evoke resignifications by granting my work a three-dimensional existence that allows my photography to exchange perceptions with the observer and with the exhibition space. I project the physical basis of the images in order to create a comparative poetics with the body, a body that cannot escape its functions as a social symbol, receptacle of history and instrument of transformation.