Daniela Di Maro – Raphanus Sativus, 7 min. 2020


A long process of manual release of seeds, from the slightly thorny siliques of the Raphanus sativus (radish) plant, is documented and synthesized, step by step until a message is revealed, composed of the same substance as vegetable granules.
The video is accompanied by a piece of soft background music that wraps around the audio track of Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto of the Mad Farmer Liberation Front”.


Daniela Di Maro (Naples, 1977 Italy)
Graduated in visual arts and performing arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, she lives and works between Naples and Milan. His work is the result of an interdisciplinary approach in which scientific, anthropological and aesthetic reflections coexist, often conveyed by the use of new technologies. The observation of natural dynamics is the basis of his research which, through the languages of drawing, video, installation and participatory actions, investigates possible relationships between man and the environment.