Emanuela Barbi – Parata, 4min, 1999


Parade – CORPO Festival of Performing Arts, 2019
The artist recalls the figure of the Warrior of Capestrano, the androgynous figure of the ancient Piceno people, wearing a breastplate faithfully reproduced in crochet. In a circular dance on itself, the artist recalls the dervishes and the Abruzzese folk tradition, weaving a link between old and new, between popular and contemporary art.


Emanuela Barbi is a multimedia artist who lives and works in Pescara.
The real and physical relationship with Nature has always permeated the production of his works. Free in the use of materials beyond photography, she prefers to design artefacts, collaborate with musicians and artists, uses marine debris, shells, bones, wool. The collection of the materials themselves becomes part of the work, highlighting the appearance meditative, daily, of research and doing. The video allows her to document the performances, actions for a few close friends that become extremely versatile video installations.

Center for Archiving and Promotion of Performing Art – CAPPA