Francesca Fini – Blind, 7:47, 2011


Blind, (7’47 ”) – CORPO Festival of Performing Arts, 2012
The performative experiment that mixes body-art and interaction design. The aim is to transport the audience into a synaesthetic, immersive dimension, where the performer becomes the mediator of an unusual experience of colour. The artist’s painted body moves in front of a webcam programmed to recognize four different shades. The information produced is processed and sent to a digital synthesizer that activates a specific combination of sounds for each colour.


Francesca Fini
Primarily interested in video and live art, Francesca Fini is a versatile artist who embraces experimental cinema, digital animation, installation and performance art. His projects deepen the relationship between public space and private space, show and spectator, representation and interaction. A look at the influence of society on gender issues, the figure of women and distortions in the perception of beauty induced by the media.

Center for Archiving and Promotion of Performing Art – CAPPA