Gianmarco Donaggio – Manifestarsi , 12:12, 2021



The film investigates within the microscopic dimension of the material component of billboards posted in Milan.

The author, through a peculiar perspective – achieved with a unique optic – goes beyond the limits of vision, inviting us to fall into the alienating but enveloping physical structure beyond the mythical surface of the images. The cinematic result is an atmosphere that is not abstract but informal. Where the material reflects a visual condition devoid of perspective references on which to base metaphysical foundations: here the process suspends the essence.


Winner project – ReA! Art Fair 2021 – II Edition – La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

World Premiere:
57a Mostra internazionale del nuovo cinema di Pesaro – international competition premio Lino Miccichè – 2021

Alias – Rea Art Fair winning projects – Opal – 2022 – Milan
Ribalta Film Festival – international competition –  curated by Giovanni Sabattini  – 2022 – Italy – il cinema dalla parte del pubblico – 23-25/06/2021

Art fairs:
ReA! Art Fair 2021 – II Edition – La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

Contra/dizioni –  Feminist and Queer study group – Milano


Gianmarco Donaggio  (b.1991) is an award-winning film director, cinematographer, and artist. He is researching within the indeterminate space between artistic research and cinema, and he is known for his experimental and atmospheric films, which screened in several prestigious international film festivals and museums, including; the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Portugal, the Pesaro International film festival of New Cinema, the Asolo Art Film Festival, and the Athens Digital Arts Festival.

An attentive observer of the role of the image in society and interested in the evolution of the cinematographic form, after several years of professional practice as a cinematographer, he continued his research in the philosophy of the image and visual culture.  Driven by the necessity to walk the forest of motion pictures intuitively and critically, within the assemblage of unique optical and recording devices, his works invite the audience to challenge, deviate, and transgress the fundamental assumptions culturally and historically allocated to cinematic expression.

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