Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser – (A)mare Conchiglie, 19:43, 2015



(A) mare Conchiglie – BODY Festival of Performing Arts, 2018
In a sunset performance on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the town of Nettuno, south of Rome, Italian-based artists Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser, invite elderly Italian and African migrants to share their stories over a meal, drawing timeless connections between generations of refugees and the endless struggle for dialogue.
This project is an example of one way that artists are sharing and opening up conversations about migration and it continues to inspire confrontations.
The title A(mare) Conchiglie translates as “Sea Shells” and is also a play on words, suggesting that the stories shared are like shells (“conchiglie”) from the sea (“mare”) that are bitter (“amare”) and to be loved (“amare”).
A(mare) Conchiglie showed of the fifth Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea di Anzio e Nettuno. The video was screened in Universities, Academies and festivals in many parts of the world such as the research project “Bodies in transit” supported by “Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovaciòn Y Universidades de Espana”.


Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
Kyrahm is an Italian artist who creates performances with a strong emotional impact. Julius Kaiser is a director, performance artist and Drag King, in Italy among the most authoritative exponents of this expression. Together they create research that ranges between extreme Body Art and Live Art, clearing the stereotypical theme of the distinction between the sexes in line with Judith Butler’s Queer Theory.


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