Mandra Cerrone – Sine Nonime, 19:24, 2017


Sine Nonime, (19’24 ”) – CORPO Festival of Performing Arts, 2017
A poetic gesture with a psycho magic significance to free oneself from transgenerational ties; by removing the invisible loyalty that binds us inextricably to our ancestors, we are freed from their judgment and from a psycho-emotional heritage that does not really belong to us.


Mandra Cerrone
Visual artist, performer, and founder of the Mystic Driver Art Lab.
For Cerrone, art is the possibility of sharing powerful imaginative tools and artistic therapies that exploit the languages of creativity. His performances are poetic acts aimed at the knowledge and transformation of oneself. In his studio in Abruzzo, he conducts workshops that integrate performance, photography, graphics, meta genealogy and psychology.

Center for Archiving and Promotion of Performing Art – CAPPA