Noema Pasquali – The Inner Eyes of Tiresia, 12:03, 2019


The Inner Eyes of Tiresia (12’03 ”) – CORPO Festival of Performing Arts, 2019
A fusion of Body Art and narration that brings to life the metamorphosis of the myth of Tiresias, blinded by the gods, on the artist’s body, who in return gave him the power of clairvoyance. Lived seven years under the guise of a woman, Tiresias is an alter ego, a witch, a hermaphrodite, a being who does not belong to the lineage of humans and who has an intimate and personal vision, whose body is the medium between the multiple dimensions.


Noema Pasquali
She is an Italian performer who lives and works in Berlin.
Humanist and anthropologist, her actions are imbued with symbolism, archetypes, rites of passage and semiotics. In his works the sign is the primordial communication, the magical value that through signification creates a relational bond that is based on sharing, creating culture. Each project is born from the observation of the different units of meaning that characterize reality. Personal experience and the perception of reality are meditated on, in staging with an always ritual value, in which the community bond and the transcendental bond come together.

Center for Archiving and Promotion of Performing Art – CAPPA