Rita Casdia – Be Loved, 0:58, 2018


The bodies ask again about their relationship, and so, as happens in the video Be Loved, the adoration of one becomes the cancellation of the other. I love you so much until I eat you. The body disappears under the blows of the tongue and will lose forever its object of adoration.

Be Loved, precisely, in the unbridgeable caesura of the epiphany already fulfilled.

Director of photography: Giacomo Satti
Animation and editing: Rita Casdia
Sound: Antonio Dilillo

Rita Casdia (ITA) /// My work studies the basic mechanisms that rule feelings, focusing mainly on the dynamics generated by emotional connections and sexuality.
I make emotional worlds that evolve through a broken and uninhibited narrative structure in which I mix references from classic iconography, random elements, everyday banality, my experience as well as my dreams.