Rita Casdia – It’s you, 2:35, 2017


It’s You wants to investigate the ambiguous relationship that every human being. The formal decision to use the same clothing in all characters in the video, composing the scenes, aims to put the viewer in doubt. In this game of mirrors the video narration takes place.

Director: Rita Casdia
Production: Frenetica in collaboration with Jacopo Martinoni
Animations: Jacopo Martinoni, Rita Casdia, Andrea Cillo
Armatures fabrication: Chiara de Rota
Sculptures: Rita Casdia
Director of photography: Pino Colla
Studio operator: Giorgio Riganti
Editing: Andrea Cillo
Post production: Dario Signorelli
Sound: Antonio Dilillo

Rita Casdia (ITA) /// My work studies the basic mechanisms that rule feelings, focusing mainly on the dynamics generated by emotional connections and sexuality.
I make emotional worlds that evolve through a broken and uninhibited narrative structure in which I mix references from classic iconography, random elements, everyday banality, my experience as well as my dreams.