Rita Casdia – Stangliro, 4:09, 2013


Stangliro comes from the observation of the film Metropolis by F. Lang. The images of Lang made ​​me reflect on the representations of the masses are characterized by an emphasis impetuous and mono-directional which is opposed to the impotence of the person who does not adhere to this force. In Stangliro, the conflict between the “collective body” and the independence of the individual character remains unresolved because neither of the two positions prevails, accentuating the defeat in which both are predestined: the collective body does not generate any creative force and individual character arrives to get emancipation which manifests itself through the conquest of his incomprehensible language.


Rita Casdia (ITA) /// My work studies the basic mechanisms that rule feelings, focusing mainly on the dynamics generated by emotional connections and sexuality.
I make emotional worlds that evolve through a broken and uninhibited narrative structure in which I mix references from classic iconography, random elements, everyday banality, my experience as well as my dreams.