Rita Casdia – WILLY NILLY – 3:17, 2019


The protagonist of the animated video Willy-nilly is represented by a bare figure, angular, depersonalized, always on the verge of a transmutation.
The cold and hallucinated atmosphere that dominates the video, is translated into the use of a graphic choice composed of essential shapes.
The Metamorphoses that the subject crosses, appear, rather than actions acted upon by it, as events that are imposed on him, which suck him up, on which he has no power.
The shapeless incarnate in the final image of a larva becomes the last exasperated possibility of regeneration.


Rita Casdia (ITA) /// My work studies the basic mechanisms that rule feelings, focusing mainly on the dynamics generated by emotional connections and sexuality.
I make emotional worlds that evolve through a broken and uninhibited narrative structure in which I mix references from classic iconography, random elements, everyday banality, my experience as well as my dreams.