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The wall of all the exhibitions, monographs, best from festivals and curatorial projects published on VisualcontainerTV since 2009

VIDEOHOLICA International Videoart Festival, BULGARIA

VIDEOHOLICA International Videoart Festival, Varna – BULGARIA BEST OF 2011 from 30 march to 8 may VisualcontainerTv is proud to present the best of the 4° edition of Videoholica International videoart festival, one of the most interesting videoart festival in Europe. Jury 2011 Cohn Drennan (Dallas, USA) Adelina Popnedeleva (Sofia, Bulgaria) Floriane Davin (Rennes, France) […]

L E M A T R I C E (Fr- Usa)

L E M A T R I C E (Fr- Usa) 1st May – 4th June 2009 Curator: Visualcontainer VisualContainerTv welcomes Le Matrice in the new monographic section “Special One” of the channel! Le Matrice is a French/American group working in audio video works with a special dedication to live performances. In this show Le […]

Claudio Sinatti, Italy

Claudio Sinatti Monography Multimedia Artist from Italy Interview + Mono 4th June – 4th July 2009 Monography Elevation A shaved Mint Solo Per mille giraffe Carillon Radioland Symbiosis Orchestra About Claudio Sinatti Director, multimedia artist. Started as a graphic and graffiti artist in the early 90s, before moving to film and video. He started directing […]


PHILIPP GEIST Multimedia artist from Germany Special One selection Monography from 30 july to 15 september 2009 Visualcontainer is glad to presents monography of Philipp Geist, multimedia and live video performer, on august till september. This exhibition is a overview about Geist works: live performance, multimedia installation, festival, etc.. PHILIPP GEIST A self-taught artist based […]

Francesco Arena, Italy

Francesco Arena Multimedia Artist from Italy BREATH/RESPIRI 15 september – 30 october 2009 On the monographic section “SpecialOne” is welcoming the video project BREATH/RESPIRI by Francesco Arena. For this work, Arena has produced a series of 23 videos from 2004 to 2008, each of them being interpreted by a different male or female character, in […]

BridA, Slovenia

BridA Monography Slovenia BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan 17th February – 18th March 2010 VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special Monography about BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan (SLO) on the first birthday of VisualcontainerTV. From february09, VisualcontainerTv had hosted a lot of International videoart festival and International videoart project and monography, so […]

Michal Brzezinski, Poland

Michal Brzezinski Multimedia Artist, Poland 18th July – 1st September 2010 Only on VisualContainerTV VisualcontainerTV is glad to host one of the most interesting multimedia artist from Poland: Michal Brzezinski. About Michal Brzezinski: Michal Brzezinski, born in 1975, artist, theoretician, curator in Contemporary Art Center Laznia in Gdansk, author of Galeria NT. Graduate of […]


RITA CASDIA (Ita) MONOGRAPHY 23 December – 18 January 2010 Only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special monography of italian artist Rita Casdia. Her videoartworks are focused on the relationship between man and woman and on impossibile love. Moreover Casdia explores with video animations and plastiline dolls, the feeling of loneliness […]


JOSIEN VOGELAAR LOVE STORIES MONOGRAPHY + INTERVIEW 23 December – 18 January 2010 Only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special monography and interview of Josien Vogelaar In her project ‘Love Stories’ Josien Vogelaar (1968) explores with video animations, text and drawings the terms love, eroticism and sexuality. Special One is the […]


NENO BELCHEV Monography Multimedia Artist – Bulgaria 3 May – 14 June 2011 only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTv presents on SpecialOne – format dedicated to the most interesting international multimedia artists – NENO BELCHEV Videography from 2004-2010 selected production. About Neno Belchev I am a multidisciplinary artist, who over the last few years has been […]