ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR? AANME Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador

Videoart selection curated by María Belén Moncayo
AANME Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador
From 16th February to 21th March 2017

VisualcontainerTV welcomes for the first time a special selection from AANME Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador based in Quito Ecuador curated by María Belén Moncayo (director of AANME)


by maría belén moncayo
“All you need is Ecuador” is the slogan currently used by the ecuadorian government to support its international tourism promotion campaign that takes the same name. It has been made from The Beatles song “All you need is love “. This spot was shown during halftime at the Super Bowl last season, in certain states of the United States. Both, the campaign and the spot exhibitions have meant to Ecuador millions of dollars, the results have not yet been verified as positive.
Considering all the social problems Ecuador is facing day by day, this curatorship intended a question in order to challenge the slogan of this project ,done by the current regime. Can we say that public policy in this country responds to a real notion of love and well being? Through these works, poetically made by taking into account the social issues of this country in the half the world, we could be able see “the other colors of the horse”.
Ecuador is governed by a system that promotes a XXI century ´s socialist system The real life is completely different. The nation at all is a capitalist system, uses as “national currency” US dollar, its external debt to China and the World Bank is enormous. Circumstances which adversely affect the environment, life and rights of women, accentuates migration problems, political demagogue discourses proliferates, the differences between socio-economic classes and discrimination has not been exceeded.

This group of videoart pieces reflect these themes with strong dose of creativity, irreverence and commitment:

Sujetoacambio, “La torera” (de la serie Prácticas Suicidas) – (The bullfighter), 4´(2009), Quito.
Manuel Kingman, “Espacio contratado” (Paid political programming), 7´44´´, (2009), Quito.
Fabiano Kueva, “Filanbanco”, 1´12´´ (2010), Quito.
María Teresa Ponce, “Yariwangy”, 6´40´ (2004), Quito and USA.
Patricio Ponce, “Transacción” (Transaction), 11´44´´ (2008), Quito.
Falco, “Laguna negra” (Black lake), 6´45´´ (2010), Quito.
Colectivo CAJA 4, “Cuadrado negro” (Black square), 3´31´´ (2008), Guayaquil.
Karina Skvirsky, “Tacos” (de la serie Ruta del sol) (Heels), 4´53´´ (2012), New York.

AANME Archive is dedicated to the collection, dissemination, exhibition, curatorship, and research of videoart and experimental film of Ecuador. Videoart pieces: 600 from Ecuador, 200 Latin American pieces; collections and anthologies. In experimental film keeps 30 ecuadorians works, 50 from Latin American; also has historical collections. The management is done independently, from an inclusive philosophy of experimental subgenres, in form and content.
AANME Archive is plenty open to hear about projects allover the world.
Curator María Belén Moncayo is able to do curatorship work in all audiovisuals genders from Ecuador, andean region or Latin America.