The Project

VisualcontainerTv International Videoart web channel has been presenting videoart projects and festivals under the care of curators and festival directors, interviews, and monograph programs from all over the world, since 2009

It’s a big renowned cultural project made for videoart lovers, students, curators, and all audiences, a place where to find the best videoart selection for free and for cultural purposes.

Now, VisualcontainerTV upgrades becoming an online videoart distribution platform for private views, which includes as well as festivals, curatorial projects, and also performing arts. Programs are in live streaming or on-demand available for free and now also on payment ( renting a ticket for a single view ) to defend the “rights of view” of the artists presented.

A democratic platform that presents the excellence of videoart scenarios and supports artists.


The beginning

The culture needs to keep updated on the most exciting video art, and actual video art researches through the best video art festival, curatorial projects and brand-new videoart scenarios online.


VisualcontainerTv Programs

Exhibitcontainer’s program host international videoart festivals, videoart project of international videoart curators from all over the world

Special One format presents monographs of multimedia artists.

Interview is a format that host interview about artists and videoart curators.

Academy is an ever-new program focused on students’ experimental video production from New Media University and Fine Arts Academy worldwide.


126 online exhibitions in cooperation with the excellence of videoart as:

PROYECTOR Festival SPain / Instants Video Festival France / Now & After Festival Russia / Videoplay Argentina / Videoart Festival Oradea, Romania / Vidéographe Canada / Video Art Miden Festival Greece / VIDEOARTIST Festival Iran / OODAAQ Festival France / AANME Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador / Videobabel Perù / Straming Festival NL / International Bad Videoart Festival Russia / One Minute Festival UK / OVER THE REAL International Videoart Festival Italy / HearteartH Festival Germany / Cuba Art Video / Digital Marrakech Morocco / ANEMIC Festival Czech Republic / Celeste Prize Italy / Windows From Gaza Palestine / MIVA Festival Ecuador / OSLO Screen Festival Norway / Berlinerpool Germany / VIDEOHOLICA Bulgaria …

And many other curatorial selections from China, Germany, Armenia, Canada, France, Argentina, Romania, Greece, etc.
presented for the cultural purpose of spreading the best videoart selections to all professionals and art lovers all over the world


The Videoart Hub

Besides the cultural activities of the channel, VisualcontainerTV develops the online distribution platform for private views to support and distribute festivals, curatorial projects, video premieres and performances.


Best Videoart Premiere

The premiere of the newest videoart productions from the best artists

Live streaming for festivals and performance projects

The new tool for the diffusion of videaort is designed for festivals and performing tasks.
The place to keep updated on the fresh international contemporary art scenario