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Online from the 12th of November to the 16th of December 2020

Global Opening with the 33°Edition of LES INSTANTS VIDEO, Marseille (France)


Now VisualcontainerTV makes a step forward by becoming an online videoart distributing platform for private views including festivals, curatorial projects as well as performing arts.
Programs are available either in live streaming and in on-demand pay per view in order to safeguard the presented artists’ “rights of view”.

Marcia Beatriz Granero –PAPARAZZI, 5:49min, 2019

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Jaque Jolene, a fictional autobiographical entity who sometimes inhabits the body of the Brazilian videoartist.
In Paparazzi, she is invited for the first time to travel to the United Kingdom and inspired by Lady Diana, she performs a ritual when she arrives to connect herself with the new culture.

Katharina Gruzei – YAW, 14 min. 2020

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The artist takes up this aspect and devotes herself to homeland security in a double sense; rites and the military. While the Austria-wide network of radar systems watches over the borders of Austria, the rites and customs preserve traditions and maintain them through constant re-performance. 

Daniela Di Maro – Raphanus Sativus, 7 min. 2020

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A long process of manual release of seeds, from the thorny siliques of the Raphanus sativus (radish) plant, is synthesized, step by step, up to
to the revelation of a message, made of the same substance as vegetable granules.

David Anthony Sant – TRASMISSION 2:24, 2020

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Conspicuous facades amidst frequented streets and public spaces are garnished with moderate and subversive declarations that invite and are often accosted with repudiating appraisals. Meticulously edited excerpts align in an archetypal music video configuration.

Katharina Gruzei – URBAN REFLECTORS, 8 min. 2019

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The establishing shot of the video shows a densely built urban landscape, which is contrasted by a concrete and fenced open space in the foreground. The area around a river in Tokyo is the scene of a strange phenomenon. An indefinable silver mass begins to move and seems to inflate from within.

art vs film // Cristina Ohlmer + Stefan Reisinger
ASTROBLACK, 17.48 2009

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ASTROBLACK is an experimental sci-fi film based on a formal production technique to explore how the film industry deals with patterns of perception to get involved in a movie. ASTROBLACK escapes from her galaxy in an interstellar capsule. PLATINO is on her pursuit. ASTROBLACK shifts to a megacity by the imagination of a gigantic glass egg. When they meet there the action freezes in the suspense of their face to face for the next…

Eginhartz Kanter – take away, 6:42, 2018

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taking away shows surprisingly quiet streets in Tokyo at night. The empty streets reminiscent of apocalyptic scenarios – only here and their lights are blinking in the distance. The nocturnal peace is interrupted by an unexpected intervention. The unauthorized manifestation of a strange object shifts the appearance of the uncanny nightly streets.


Alessandra Arnò – 2050, 4:11, 2019

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Footage from the photographic series of Luca Locatelli “Hunger Solutions” – winner of the 2018 edition of The World Press Photo Contest /// Environment /// Stories.

A journey took on for the first time by the human eye through the robotic gaze. Technological evolution as seen by the machine arises as to the only solution for survival in the near future. The deranging landscape of agro production is already in reality. Planet Earth, the year 2050.

Alessandra Arnò – TEST PATTERN: BLACK FOREST – Ai Generative video – 1:00, 2020

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TEST PATTERN: BLACK FOREST is an auto generative video based on ML training on 2 datasets: Forest and Faces.
The idea was born during the recent lockdown in Italy thanks to a friend who sent me an audio file containing environmental sounds from the Black Forest to alleviate the stress caused by containment.

Using the media as an auto representative fact, I tried to develop a sort of recollection of the machine with regard to the external world – in particular about the Black Forest set





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