22 Les Instants Video, FRANCE

“VideoArt Versus Realities”
Les Instants Video – Best of 22nd Video Art Festival, Marseille, France
17th June – 17th July 2010
Curator: Marc Mercier

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VisualcontainerTV is glad to host a videoart selection from 22nd edition of Les Instants Video, one of the most interesting videoart festival in Europe.

“Video art versus realities”
Video art has always been a matter of crossing of ideas. An artist explores social and political realities, poetic worlds, specific territories…. and he gives his point of view on it. What is a point a view ? Not at all an opinion. Indeed, the artist is not a journalist, neither a sociologist.
The point of view creates an interval between the artist and what he is filming. Within this inbetween gap, the possible of a language, the cinematic-writing, a thought in action will find their way.
The program we present invites the spectator to travel thanks to different points of view from Kirghizstan, Palestine, England or France… and to explore our contemporary world.
Director of Les Instants video:
Marc Mercier

Instants Video
Numeriques et poetiques Videoart Festival (Marseille-France)


Shaarbek Amankul
Kirghizstan, 2007, 6’20

Iyad Sabbah
No death no day
Palestine, 2008, 4’44

Samuel Bester
How violent her charms, how charming his violent
France, 2008, 4’

Hakeem b
An ordinary Day
Algeria/France, 2007, 1’30

Marie Herbreteau
Corrida entrevue
France, 2008, 17’

Marc Mercier
Corrida urbaine
France, 2008, 3’15

Denis de Lapparent
Inspector Ruiz(z) story 1
France, 5’18

Richard Skryzak
Rien de nouveau sous le soleil
France, 2009, 2’30
La lune ment toujours…
France, 2009, 2’