Home of Cine-Jam, the humanitarian Arts Association based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Home of Cine-Jam film-lab aims to reconnect artists with their intuitive, creative powers. The purpose of this program is to celebrate the existence of local independent artists, guide them to portray their emotions through audiovisual arts in a free cinematic language and Empower them to embrace their own language and unique way of expression.


In 2020 and up till today, Lebanon endured multiple crises:

A massive explosion in Beirut’s port that devastated the city killing more than 200 people, injuring more than 6,000, and leaving 300,000 people without shelter.

An economic collapse, the Lebanese Pound has lost 80 percent of its value since October 2019, eroding people’s ability to access basic goods, including food, shelter, and healthcare.

COVID19 global pandemic compounded poverty and economic hardship. Rising political instability, endangering people’s basic rights.

The Lebanese political class failed to adequately address any of these crises, some of which were of their own making…
but we will not surrender!

Ana Beirut the Series by Home of Cine- Jam film lab

“Ana Beirut” is a series of experimental poetic portraits created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual
artists exploring themselves and the city they live in: Beirut
“Ana Beirut” is a series conceived & produced by Home of Cine-Jam within an intuitive film
lab program conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss. Each artist is invited to create an episode of
the series.

Here are the artists of 2021 #AnaBeirut:

Ghina Abboud
Marie Rose Osta
Amar Sokhn
Bachir Asmar
Jean Pierre Abdayem
Gilbert Karam
Valentina Khawand
Aline Ouais
Sherine Raffoul


The Intuitive film lab is an initiative by Home of Cine-Jam, the humanitarian Arts Association based in Beirut, Lebanon. The film lab is created and conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss.

Cine-Jam is the first intuitive film lab in Lebanon and the Mena Region. In 2012/2013, it was conducted three times in Beirut and once at the FAMU film school in Prague. Four batches in total resulted in 27 short intense films portraying genuine emotions with images and sounds that are unique and specific to each artist.

In 2021, after having kept the film-lab dormant for 9 years due to Lebanon’s social, political, and economic situation, came the Beirut August 4th blast and revived in us the necessity to relaunch the film-lab.


Our mission is to encourage talented and passionate audiovisual artists, to give them space and tools to unveil their own original cinematic language.

In the film lab, authenticity and intuition are the compasses by which we ground ourselves and co-create with life what can only be manifested through each and every one of us: our unique audio-visual expressions of our personal emotions and depiction of life.


The Home of Cine-Jam Intuitive Film-Lab is a process that could guide you gently to face your mirror and allow you to channel from your gut, through your lens and into a screen, what could scare you the most, by using your most unique authentic creative self.

The Film Lab is the safe ground for the hidden in us to come out and transform, which is mostly what we do not want to face because of the emotional intensity it triggers in us. The fear of being vulnerable paralyses us and what most artists call: Creative Blockage!

Our film Lab “Cine-Jam”, invites and guides the artists to find the audio-visual anatomy of their emotions & intuitively transform it into a film, with only one rule to follow: authenticity.

To know more about us : www.homeofcinejam.com