Best of from International Videoart Festival
Den Haag (NL)
Director: Ronald Lindgreen

from 12 february to 11 march 2015

Here we are, VisualcontainerTV is proud to announce the 6°anniversary of the international videoart webchannel.
This month we are glad to present the best of the 9°edition of Streaming Festival from Den Haag (The Hague – NL)

Video selected:

Patrick K.-H – Areta (2:17, 2014)
Apotropia – K (4:00, 2012)
David Zijlstra – Bmen Is Dead (27:35, 2014)
Donato Arcella – Har, 1TS v 1-3 (01:37, 2014)
Jean-Michel Rolland – The Puck (6:03, 2014)
Marlijn Franken – Into The Woods (6:12, 2013)
Miguel Andrés – System (4:49, 2014)
Cristina Pavesi – Giallo (4:00, 2014)
Piotr Zoladz – Variations (3:20, 2014)
Toby Tatum – A World Assembled (03:03, 2014)

About The Streaming Festival
An art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audio-visual art from all over the world. This event takes place once a year. Anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream from any location, at any given time, and start viewing contemporary sound and video art.
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