About The Future Festival (Italy)

From the 15th of December to the 19th of January 2022
Director: Luca Basilico
Curator: Tommaso Evangelista

Artists: Michele Boccamazzo, Paolo Borrelli, Cristiana Califano, Andrea Lorena Cianchetta, Fausto Colavecchia, Azzurra De Gregorio, Gianmaria Victor De Lisio, Angela Di Tomaso, Ianua, Cinzia Laurelli, Nicola Macolino, Lucia Magnifico, Luca Manes, Michele Mariano, Caterina Notte, Antonio Pallotta, Luca Pop, Michele Porsia, Luciano Sozio, Ivana Volpe.

About the Future is an international project produced by the Molise Culture Foundation (an in-house body of the Molise Region) and directed by Luca Basilico. The Festival offers an updated look at the artistic productions of contemporary culture. ATF is aimed at artists and producers of works in the audiovisual and live performance market and is positioned among the festivals that investigate the relationships and interconnections between creativity and technological-scientific innovations.

The review Videoart in Molise part of the “About the Future – a look around the future” Festival of Art, Technology & Science, aims to investigate regional creativity declined in the perspective of new audiovisual languages.

The selection of video art by Molise artists follows the first experimental selections for Exhibited Frequency (Isernia 2017), intends to be as much an updated territorial recognition as possible dedicated to video language as artistic and performative key, and also mark a starting point in the national diffusion of works and artists linked to Molise.

Following the intention of documenting the different souls of language, this review assumes a particular value in its desire to represent at the same time a detailed examination and a look at future developments. The relationship with the territory, far from being a limitation of vitality, assumes the strength of wealth and the crossing of a genius loci declined in a variety of formal solutions and outcomes ranging from performance to documentary investigation, from observation to manipulation, from the animation to the fixed framing, from the contamination to the interpretations, from the hypotheses of stage action to a more realistic and detached gaze. Same medium but different actions and results show within a single language the difference and variety, and therefore the richness, that even the creative territory of Molise express.


Andrea Lorena Cianchetta – NOCICEPTIVE – 5’55 – 2021
Antonio Pallotta – PROMETHEUS MAAM – 4’33’’- 2020
Azzurra De Gregorio – APPARATUS – 7’32’ – 2021
Caterina Notte – FREEZDOM – 7’21’ – 2020
Cinzia Laurelli – 0307 – 2’17’’ – 2008
Cristiana Califano – LENTO – 1’42’’ – 2021
Fausto Colavecchia – BELUSEN – 5’50’’ – 2015-2021
Gianmaria Victor De Lisio – SPAZI VINCOLANTI – 4’28’’ – 2021
Ianua – BACKGROUND – 4’10’’ – 2019
Ivana Volpe – FAMILY BREATH – 3’20’ – 2021
Luca Manes – CACHE’ MEMORIES – 5’23’ – 2013
Lucia Magnifico – ESCAPE POINT- 10’05’’- 2021
Michele Boccamazzo – METAFISICA – 3’10’’ – 2021
Michele Mariano – “NON TI PREOCCUPARE” PREGHIERA #283 – 4’43’’- 2017
Michele Porsia – ZORA – 2’57’’ – 2020
Nicola Macolino – EXODOS – 3’15’’- 2019
Paolo Borrelli-L’ISOLA DEI MORTI – 3’20 – 2018
Luca Pop – JOURNEY – 2021
Luciano Sozio – MIA FEDE – 2’34’’ – 2014
Angela Di Tomaso (Ai Di Ti) – INNOCENTI “Dust in the City”-2018