Ana Beirut #2 Marie Rose Osta, 6:17, 2021


As I roam this city by night, Beirut, they said her name was, I encounter nothing but floating shadows populating its streets, attacking its walls.
I hid from them. Tell me … are they still there?

:ةیناثلا ةقلحلا يرام – اطسا زور
لایل ةنیدملا يف لوجتأ امنیب ، توریب ھو ا مسلا ھب اھنوعدی يذلا ، و محزت ةمئاھ للاظ لاا ائیش ھجاوا لا مجاھت
؟كانھ اولازام لھ :ينوربخاف ،مھنم تأبتخا .اھطئاوح


“Ana Beirut” is a series of experimental poetic portraits created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual artists exploring themselves and the city they live in: Beirut “Ana Beirut” is a series conceived & produced by Home of Cine-Jam within an intuitive film lab program conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss. Each artist is invited to create an episode of the series.