Ana Beirut #6 Gilbert Karam, 6:39, 2021


A father’s letter to his newborn child


“After the Beirut blast on August 4th 2020, staying alive became only a matter of time. This film is some of our diaries, our mornings, our smiles… Yet the future remains uncertain. This film is dedicated today to my baby girl, Maria, in case I was not here tomorrow…”

الحلقة السادسة: جلبیر كرم بعد انفجار بیروت، أمسى البقاء على قید الحیاة مسألة وقت. ھذا الفیلم ھو بعض من مذكراتنا وصبحیاتنا وابتساماتنا، لكن یبقى المستقبل غیر مؤكد. الیوم، أھدي ھذا الفیلم لطفلتي ماریا في حال لن أكون ھنا غدا.

“Ana Beirut” is a series of experimental poetic portraits created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual artists exploring themselves and the city they live in: Beirut “Ana Beirut” is a series conceived & produced by Home of Cine-Jam within an intuitive film lab program conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss. Each artist is invited to create an episode of the series.