Angelina Voskopoulou – Sensitive chaos, 5:34, 2022


Water carries fragments of memory. Wash away your thoughts, the water takes you away. We are made of water, we began to exist in water and we always want to return no matter how scary or uncomfortable it may seem at times. And of course, water is our source of life. Water is something without which we cannot exist. In my creative processes, the elements of nature play an essential role. I am extremely interested in the qualities they give and how they contain the essence of existence. The fact that they create and destroy gives clear thoughts about the natural cycle of life and the continuous flow that we often forget to follow. In the ancient beliefs of peoples, as preserved in their mythologies, water is an element of purification and purification, and its life-giving power was associated with magical and healing properties. In Greek mythology, the power of water is emphasized, as the ancient gods, fascinated by water, took a sacred oath to the waters of Styx, the river of Hades and the dead with its dark, heavy and cold waters. The representation of water in the myth’s symbolic language gives it the sanctuary’s character.

Some little stars struggled to get out and light up the blue dome of the sky, but they reached the clouds and reduced them to ashes. Somewhere far away it will have rained. The stars want to go out, but the clouds won’t let them, they chase them and suffocate them. On such a dark and moonless night they do not move away from each other, they roll over each other to be found together by the “heavy” shadows that cross the darkness and become men – giants.
Sweet voices like the murmur of the sea and fear begin to bite the hearts.
To collect our own foam from the matter of the abyss. Unless you were born in those parts of our loneliness that you don’t understand. Your eyes the buried clay. From above the eternal the incomparable. The moon of the craters on the scars. The rusty keys in the secret rocks and the turquoise reserves in the murky waters. And the god throws broken glasses and untangles the dawn light. The child’s hand sprinkled the rose with salt.


Angelina Voskopoulou
Born in Athens, Greece.
She is a graduate (BA with Distinction) in Fine Arts and Technology and also has a Masters degree in Digital Arts (University of the Arts London). She was the course leader in Digital Arts at University (platform for open massive online courses, Berlin) for the period 2014-2016. Recently She teaches at AKTO college a course related to post-production and also she is running a video art (e-learning course) at the Kapodistrian University of AthensMore over, she works on her own videos, as well as sculptures made from polyester. She is the Co-founder and video artist/director of the ‘state of flux’ dance group and a member of the VISUALCONTAINER ITALIAN VIDEOART PLATFORM, Since 2008, the first Italian videoart distributor and platform for videoart promotion and special projects. Her video work also has been shown in the international organization for video projections “time is love screenings”, the ‘Shoah Film Collection, art video KOELN & A Virtual Memorial Foundation’, in eye’s walk digital festival, a festival for art in public space as well as in Madatac Contemporary Festival of New Media Arts & Advanced Audio Visual Technologies in Madrid Spain.

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