Jacqueline Heeley & Philippe Faujas – The Long Way Round, 13:44, 2020


The intangibility of elsewhere.



Jacqueline Heeley & Philippe Faujas – Ireland

The themes we usually explore concern memory, uncertainty, place and loss.
We shoot mostly in black and white using what could probably be termed Lo-Fi/Dated video equipment.
Our films are self-funded and, consequently, avail of next-to-no budget.
We value the freedom this self-inflicted situation provides to develop the stories we want to tell by drawing together the threads of writing, filming, editing, grading and sound construction, although very rarely in this order, as each story imposes its particular requirements.
Our 15 films have been shown in festivals, galleries and special screenings in Germany, Mexico, Cuba, USA, Japan, Russia, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, Croatia and on numerous online platforms.
Two of our films were published on DVD by Ob’Art, (Barcelona, Spain) and the Journal of Short Film (Ohio State University, USA).
Our film Nearly All Your Unknown Poems was broadcast on US cable access stations as part of the Here Comes Everybody programme.