Lino Strangis – The Tower, 4:16, 2020


A short story, raw and simple, drawn almost as a child would do, which tells without words, of a moment, perhaps a dream, in which the younger generations get rid of the burden that would them to “inherit” a world (with all its systems of powers and propaganda) that for too long has been decaying and moving away from the idea of the common good. A system collapses and leaves room for humanity to rethink and undertake new paths but immediately we are faced with the risk that history will repeat itself.



Lino Strangis is a multimedia artist (video art, video installations and video sculptures, virtual realities, performances, 3D sculptures, video-sets, sound art) experimental musician and director (theatre, cinema, TV) born in Lamezia Terme on 19/01/1981, lives and works in Rome and Turin.

Already a multi-instrumentalist musician (acoustic, electroacoustic, electronic, self-built, digital instruments), graduated in Philosophy (Aesthetics), during his university studies, after having had his first beginnings in the field of painting and installations, he identifies the experimental audiovisual arts and search for intermediate as a favourite form of expression.
The digital multimedia artist mainly dedicated to semantic and formal research regarding experimental digital audiovisual composition in all its forms (from simple video-shooting to sophisticated 2 and 3-D animation techniques to virtual realities) also embracing fields such as video sculpture, sound art, photography, 2d and 3d synthesis image, electronic/digital music and experimental electroacoustics often creating multimedia installations in which these languages converge and intertwine in the search for today’s forms of Total Opera … Also active in the field of experimental theatre and performance multimedia since 2015 also creates virtual reality and immersive works through 360 ° viewers.


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