Marcia Beatriz Granero – MUNDUM, 5:15, 2011/12


As she arrives in an unusual setting, Jaque Jolene reveals an unknown feeling of letting go about some belongings.


Márcia Beatriz Granero is a Brazilian artist and independent producer currently based in São Paulo. Her projects explore the creation of the character, Jaque Jolene, recorded in videos and photographs. Jaque is the centre of the work, a fictional autobiographical entity who from time to time inhabits Márcia Beatriz Granero’s body. The artist collaborates with her creation in performative actions as they visit historic buildings where cultural institutions are established. These performances result in videos, photographs and installations. In them, cinematic language is explored not in order to undermine the fallacies of cinematic constructions but as a device for investigation and presentation of their surroundings.

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