Davide De Lillis, Julia Metzger-Traber – Silhouettes, 4:00, 2018


In this Video-poem eleven young residents of the Friendship Village in Vietnam who are living with disabilities caused by Agent Orange dance their way from waking to dreaming. As their movements grow with humour and vulnerability we are welcomed ever deeper into their magical world.

Davide De Lillis is a video artist, choreographer and somatic educator. With his work, he seeks to inspire questions and conversations about the condition of human beings in today’s world. He constantly tries to push the borders of his comfort zone through collaborative risk-taking. He holds an MA from the University of Lincoln in Choreographing Live Art.

Julia Metzger-Traber is a performance and video artist, facilitator and peace worker. Not bound to a single genre or discipline, she allows the form to follow the demands of content. Her art-making is a vehicle for critical questioning, healing and reconciliation. She holds an MA from the University of Innsbruck in Peace and Conflict Transformation.


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