AVIFF Festival -Award Experimental Film Section – Cannes/Marseille, (F)

AVIFF Festival – Cannes – Marseille, Francia
Award Experimental Film Section
Global Opening
From the 23rd of May to the 26th of June 2024

Artists: Christobal Diaz, Iwona Pasinska, Marion Kellmann, Alexia Fernandes, Agrippina Meschcheryakova, Vital Z’Brun, Yue Nakayama, Hiba Baddou, Jacob Arenber.

We invite you to the Global Opening of the AVIFF Festival, which will be held in Marseille/Cannes, France.
VisualcontainerTV presents the online part of the curatorial selection of audiovisual works from the experimental section of the festival, and the other part is also shown in the Visualcontainer[.Box] space, based in Milan.

“For 14 years, we have been sailing in the rough seas of crazy artists who offer us tumults and upheavals. Going from Japan to South Africa, Australia to the United States, and Norway to Portugal. Every year, we delight in this cultural and artistic wealth. Each year, the juries discover and imagine a universe beyond borders, beyond our conception of the world and its attractions. These artists deliver messages from the most intimate to the most universal through voice, body, painting or drawing. They scream love or despair. Tenderness or violence. Rare are those who don’t have a lot to say. But beyond the personal messages, there are those of others. Of our fellow man. Of our neighbours. And we had to offer them to you. Today, in a standardized and rugged world, we offer you the words of international artists who will never hide again. Come discover their worlds, their declamations.”
Daria P.GOLESTAN – Director of AVIFF Festival

AVIFF Official Selection 2024

  • The Graffiti Mystery – 4’47, France. Film court expérimental de Christobal Diaz.
    “The Graffiti Mystery” results from the work of aesthetic exploration carried out by the director Christobal Diaz as part of a “graffiti gesture experimentation laboratory”.
  • Herbarium – 13’00 , Pologne. Film danse, chorégraphie de Iwona Pasinska.
    Iwona Pasińska is a choreographer, movement dramatist, theatre theorist, artistic director of Movements Factory and co-founder of the Movements Factory Foundation
  • Heimatfilm – 16’24, Allemagne. Film court, expérimental de Marion Kellmann.
    Marion Kellmann is a German filmmaker graduated with distinction in „Film and Media Arts“ from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Her films have been shown at film festivals and museums worldwide. The compilation movie „Heimatfilm“ is edited from 50 movies.
  • Olhares – 5’00, Portugal. Film danse, mise en scène de Alexia Fernandes.
    Fernandes (she/they/he) is a Portuguese and French screenwriter-director. They graduated in 2011 and specialized in Film Direction at the School of Technologies, Innovation, and Creation in Lisbon. A protagonist struggles with fitting into predetermined roles amid societal pressures to conform. Yet, through self-discovery, they confront the constraints of conformity, navigating the intricate dynamics of identity and societal norms.
  • Worry for Unease – 17’24, UK. Film expérimental, installation de Agrippina Meschcheryakova.
    Agrippina Meshcheryakova is a young independent filmmaker, who has recently graduated from the Northern Film School. Previously, she directed a video art short film about Renaissance art, a documentary, as well as produced and assisted various dramas. ‘Worry-Fear-Unease: The Triptych’ is a three-screen experimental installation film that that delves into the depths of anxiety and dissociation.
  • Tales Without Lion – 16’11, Suisse. Film court animation de Vital Z’Brun.
    Vital Z’Brun completed his master’s degree in visual art last September and has since worked as an independent artist and videographer. The film presented is his diploma work from my MFA. Le film “ histoires sans lion ” tells stories in fragments, leaving open the possibility of generating a meaning or a continuation. Also conceived as a series telling stories without the lion, the king of the jungle, without the monarchy, without its power … Leaving room for other animals to rewrite
  • I Get To Have My Own Private Hope – 20’00, USA. Film court expérimental de Yue Nakayama.
    Yue Nakayama works with video, text, and installation. Her practice is centered on reinterpreting minor histories, memories, and personal anecdotes to stage an absurd intervention that disrupts our social expectations and perceptions. Fish and Pigeon go on a quest in search of the meaning of “work” prompted by the news of the extinction of bananas, and rent that’s passed due. The piece questions today’s work conditions and societal structure through the precarity of Fish’s life and disappearing bananas.
  • Paraboles – 11’35, Maroc. Film court expérimental de Hiba Baddou.
    Director, designer, painter and art director, Hiba Baddou covers with her eyes the circles she crosses. After obtaining her author-director diploma at the International Film School of Paris (EICAR), Hiba continued her studies at the renowned school of Art Direction Penninghen in Paris. Meeting point between East and West, the universe of Hiba Baddou is punctuated with poetry, rhythms, lights and movements.
    In a city invaded by satellite dishes, a family leaves their home in search of the images seen through their screen. They cross landscapes and discover celestial architectures where followers scan the world through telescopic openings. The family tries to reach an idealized world but rooting catches up with them.
  • Center of Life – 23’00, Israel. Film court documentaire de Jacob Arenber.
    I am 37 years old. I was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to Israel in 1991. I am a resident of Jerusalem, married, and the father of a daughter. I graduated with a master’s degree in documentary cinema from Tel Aviv University.
    A suspiciously unused toothbrush” and “a full fridge” are among the reasons that lead to the rejection of Wisam’s citizenship application, with Israeli authorities questioning the authenticity of the life that he presented to them. Will Wissam, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, be able to prove to them that his life is real?

The AVIFF festival has been presenting Artist films in Cannes in May for 14 years, like another “cinema”, a 3rd way/voice between cinema and visual arts, cinematographic work and contemporary works of art.

Since then, the AVIFF festival has become an essential place for exchanges between authors, directors, artists and professionals from the film industry, who come from all over the world to meet the public.

During the year, the Festival presents its official selection in partner venues, public & private, and cultural and educational Institutions according to a program negotiated with the host venues and the Artists.

Since June 2023, the AVIFF festival has offered its official program to the Marseille public at the “Les Variétés” cinema in the center of Marseille on the “Canebière”.

The AVIFF Festival has been supported since 2012 by the Artist Angel Orensanz, who each year awards a Prize for a film in the official selection: the “AVIFF & Angel Orensanz” Prize.
AVIFF Festival