Becoming the Skin of the Snake VVV-Residency

from February 25th to April 12th


VisualcontainerTV is proud to present the exhibition as soon as after the Naples show and talks held on the 22nd of February at SuperOtium.

Becoming the Skin of the Snake

The snake changes its skin: its dry skin can be seen as an objet trouvé, as an empathic tool for relating to others and to the environment.

The title, as well as, the presentation of the screening is the result of the curatorial path that evolved during the final step of the residency program.

The exhibition presents artists exploring the practice of the video-trouvé as a tool to look at one’s own research through the eyes of others: a core topic to face nowadays where human interaction and perception of reality is continuously glitching within screen interfaces.

2022 Art residency is commissioned by Arts University Bournemouth in the frame of Global Networks program curated By Richard Waring.

Video List

Performing Holes by Annabel Miller, 1:43, b/w, stereo 640 x 480, Uk, 2022

Sens by Amie Dodgson, 2’ 20’’ video, 1920 x 1080, 16/9, color, stereo, Uk 2022

Time Perception by Evelyn Zhou , 1:19, video, 1920×1080, colour, HD, stereo, Uk 2022

Invasion Fertilisation by Lisa Moro , 2′ 22”, 3605 × 2660, color, stereo, Uk 2022

Annabel Miller, Performing Holes, 1:43 , 2022

My work explores the hidden curiosity of the peephole and how the female body is often looked at through one end of this hole. By showing the females mouths and excluding what is usually seen through this way of entertainment I am eliminating any form of sexual nature and showing the subjectification of bodies as the narrative of performance. The mouths become the eye, speaking to the audience. I am fascinated with the concept of the body being watched, falling into the category of consumerism. Through my video I am creating a sense of communication from the viewer the watcher and performer, creating a watching loophole.

Sens, 2022, Amie Dodgson, 2:20, 2022 UK

Sens is an exploration of embodiment and was born from the research question of ‘how can a sense other than visual be explored through video and found footage to create a narrative?’ The research began with a haptic vision, which refers to the relationship between skin and screen and the sense of touch and seeing. The idea was to include macro shots and close-up frames to create a sense of tactility taking the viewer from one frame to the next on a sensory journey allowing them to navigate their own perception, memories, and sensations. Colour plays a huge part in emotions and each humanistic shot is followed by a colourful abstract movement creating a synaesthetic experience. 

Time Perception – Evelyn Zhou, 1:19 video, 2022 UK

Time is always an interesting topic. The perception of time changes. When you engage, such as walking in a busy city, or typing on a keyboard, it passes fast; when you wander, it becomes endless. Our brains are fascinating, they control what we see and how we feel. The video of ‘Time Perception’ (2022), shows various scenes are happening at the same time between cities and natures. Time flows from day till night. A ‘J’ cut at the beginning, the video starts from darkness to a digital clock and a sundial, representing there will be a comparation. Clock sounds like a trailer to lead audiences to an experience of time. All scenes are divided into city and nature; however, they share commons. For example, shapes, colours, and moods. It shows a strong relationship between the two worlds, things are happening at the same time, but they provide different feelings of the time. When the sun goes down, the day ends, it comes back to darkness and only remains sounds of nature. This video displays a day routine.

Invasion Fertilisation – Lisa Moro , 2:22, 2022, UK

The title of this work is Invasion Fertilisation and it has come from my research into the international commercial fertility and surrogacy market which is worth over $100m. This piece is set in Ukraine, using public webcam footage in the last few days as the Russian invasion is imminent.
Ukraine has one of the largest commercial surrogacy markets and as such hundreds of babies which have been commissioned by international parents are currently inside their Ukrainian surrogate mothers and due to be born in Ukraine over the next nine months.
Ukraine is popular with ‘commissioning parents’ from UK and USA as one of few countries where it is legal. Due to imminent invasion by Russia, citizens of the UK and USA have been instructed to leave immediately and are advised not to travel there and will result in a similar situation to the covid outbreak where babies were left in hotels for months.
With this film, I portray the tensions of these intersecting narratives. The expectant nature of the situation creates tension, watching, waiting for something where the outcome is unknown.
I reference microscopic and telescopic, the use of cells to create life versus the invasion of a country with global impact.
The two types of invasion interest me as it has always been the case that invaders impregnate women as a tactic to occupy and as genocide. In the current situation, Russia is invading physically while commercial surrogacy goes on relatively unquestioned.

About VVVResidency

VVV-Residency is a project curated by VisualcontainerTv and Vegapunk. They have been collaborating since 2014 on various projects, both in the real and digital worlds.

VVV-Residency seeks to be a virtual space of critical reflection and a production time for videoart. 

The residency focus on the video-trouvé as a tool to look at one’s own research through the eyes of others: a topic to face nowadays to explore how human interaction and perception of reality is continuously glitching within screen interfaces.

Artist in residency engages with different digital tools: a blog, webinar platform, digital and physical archives, a streaming platform.

A specially dedicated online blog is the space on which artists intervene through posts sharing with other artists and tutors the work in progress of their work. It’s a kind of shared diary of images enlightening the visual link between the researchers.

The residency is finalized to the realization of video works that will be presented in the frame of the online exhibition running in streaming on VisualcontainerTv for one month.

VisualcontainerTv International Videoart webchannel, curated by Alessandra Arnò, has been presenting videoart projects and festivals under the care of curators and festival directors, interviews, and monograph programs from all over the world, since 2009. It’s a big renowned cultural project made for videoart lovers, students, curators, and all audiences, a place where to find the best videoart selection for free and for cultural purposes. The project aims to spread the fresh and latest research in the videoart scenario under the care of visualcontainer and many other partners around the world into an overall view.

Vegapunk is an artist-run space&time of sharing artistic practices. It is an extension of Simona Da Pozzo’s artistic practice into the domain of curating driven by impromptu curiosities The focus is on artistic practice as both an intellectual and physical process guided by dialogue (between people, formats, disciplines). Vegapunk tends to build collaborations with artists whose discourse stretches beyond the artistic frame to include research entangled with the world, also in a social and political sense. The attention to the relationship between space and time, both in a physical and aesthetic sense, leads Vegapunk to favour time-based projects and to define Vegapunk as an artist-run-space-&-time. Vegapunk is a project born in the frame of activities.