BORDER(LESS) – Videoart from ROMANIA

BORDER(LESS) – Videoart from ROMANIA
a project curated by: Gabriela Diana Gavrilaş
7th May to 26th May 2010

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border (less)
The border (less) project aims to investigate the notions of frontier, border or boundary from the perspective of video art. It is a well-known fact that the implications produced by the globalist vision, mainly by means of reconsidering state frontiers, has encountered a growing interest lately in all the fields of human activity. Consequently, this is the starting point for our project.
Born out of the social reality of a frontier city, the project focuses, as its title suggests, on the idea of border, both physical and metaphysical, which is about to dissolve in the present social and political context.
Starting from the premises that the lack or the dissolving of the geo-political frontiers finally reaches a matter of personal identity, we propose three possible levels of visual research:
The sociopolitical level aims a more general spectrum, mostly critical to the concept of global village which is associated mainly with the figure of Marshall McLuhan (The Gutemberg Galaxy).
The sociocultural level, as effect of the sociopolitical one, aims the disappearance, import, transaction, transformation and reinventing of some fundamental values of a nation.
The psychological-philosophical level implies a mapping of the individual limits in the process of reasoning and communication with reality and the more or less contingent environment.
In conclusion, the Border(less) project aims to circumscribe the idea of dissolving the limits in terms of video art in order to identify the semantic and hermeneutical multivalences of the project.

Curator: Gabriela Diana Gavrilaş
Asistent Curator: Teofil Ştiop


Csongor André
1. Insecurity 4.03 min; year 2010

Rudolf Bone
1. Abyssal; 3, 50 min; year 2009
2. Galactic Clouds; 10, 00 min; year 2009
3. Memory of form; 7, 03; year 2009

Buzási Andrea Enikő
Complementarity 1, 57 min ; year 2009

Tiberiu Fekete
1. Continuum (II.) ; year 2009
2. ground to ground ; year 2009

Gabriela Diana Gavrilaş
1. Anxiety ; 4, 41 min ; year 2010

Attila László
1. Temptations 2,59 min ; year 2008

Teofil Stiop
ARS dantesca combinatoria ; 12, 23 min ; year 2010