Claudio Sinatti, Italy

Claudio Sinatti Monography
Multimedia Artist from Italy
Interview + Mono
4th June – 4th July 2009


A shaved Mint
Per mille giraffe
Carillon Radioland
Symbiosis Orchestra

About Claudio Sinatti
Director, multimedia artist.
Started as a graphic and graffiti artist in the early 90s, before moving to film and video. He started directing music promos in 1996 for Italian bands such as Casino Royale, Neffa, Carmen Consoli, Alex Britti, 99 Posseā€¦
In 1999 he founded a collective for audio-visual experimentation that drew together videomakers, photographers, illustrators and musicians.
Since then he has explored the frontiers of live electronics and audio visual installations, constantly crossing between his personal artistic research and commercial projects.
He has collaborated with artists such as Christian Fennesz, Scanner, Stephan Mathieu and worked for brands such as Nike, BMW, Heineken, MTV…