Eclectic Dreams III (2022) (AUS)

Eclectic Dreams III
Video art program curated by David King
From the 23rd of July to the 6th of September 2022

Artists: Apotropia (Italy)(Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia) – Terry Flaxton (United Kingdom) – Hiroya Sakurai (Japan) – Hernando Urrutia (Portugal) – Maria Korporal (Germany)- Luis Carlos Rodriguez (Spain) – Michael Morgan (Australia)- Matteo Campulla (Italy)- Kunal Biswas (India)- Guli Silberstein (United Kingdom) – Svonica (Italy) (Sonia Laura Armaniaco) – David King (Australia)

Program Statement

Since its inception in 2018, the Eclectic Dreams video art program has offered a diverse and exciting range of single-channel work from all around the world.

The goal has been to show just how broad and varied the work appearing under the label of ‘video art’ can be, hence the name Eclectic Dreams.

This year, for the third edition of the program, 12 artists from eight countries showcase a variety of ideas, themes and styles, all curated once again by filmmaker and video artist David King.

Of the program, David says: “It always seems that no matter how many new and wonderful works you discover and show, there are always many, many more out there waiting to be seen. It’s like being on a vast beach and being able to pick up just one single grain of sand, and that grain of sand is the program.”

Video List

A. Introduction (0.27′) David King (Australia)

  1. Kintsugi (4.30′) Apotropia (Italy)(Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia)
  2. Diamond Beings forming over the surface of a Dying Star (4.27′)Terry Flaxton (United Kingdom)
  3. The Stream XII (3.56′) Hiroya Sakurai (Japan)
  4. olhAR-TE Novas Fronteiras (3.08) Hernando Urrutia (Portugal)
  5. Pervitin Power (6.37′) Maria Korporal (Germany)
  6. Nocturno (5.49′) Luis Carlos Rodriguez (Spain)
  7. Uncharted (4.30′) Michael Morgan (Australia)
  8. It’s Me|The Other (1.47′) Matteo Campulla (Italy)
  9. Coming Out (3.13) Kunal Biswas (India)
  10. Somewhere we live in Little Loops (5.49) Guli Silberstein (United Kingdom)
  11. Disturbed_Glance (2.45′) Svonica (Italy) (Sonia Laura Armaniaco)
  12. Mansions In Eternity (3.43′) David King (Australia)

David King is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and video artist whose works have been screened in festivals, galleries and museums around the world. He also curates the annual Exploratory Visions animation + experimental + avant-garde film program. He lives in the Australian seaside town of Portarlington with his partner Andrea and daughter Alesha.