Curated by Matt t. Helme // Pasquale Palladino // Angelina Voskopoulou
From the 22nd of October to the 25th of November 2020

In cooperation with Agitate 21:c // Astronaut’s Eye and Msivitagen

Artists: Wheeler Winston Dixon / Gwendolyn Audrey Foster / David King / Pierre Ajavon / Will Bragger / Eija Temisevä / Barron Sherer / Ian Gibbins / Luis Carlos Rodriquez / Angelina Voskopoulos / Pasquale Palladino / Matt Helme / Enzo Cillo

Visualcontainer welcomes the curatorial project designed by the artists: Matt T. Helme, Pasquale Palladino and Angelina Voskopoulou.
The exhibition is divided into two-part and shows how the different possibilities of the media create abstract and subliminal spaces.

Frame in Reference
Corridor – Wheeler Winston Dixon, 2018
Making America Straight & White Again – Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, 2018
Apocryphal Journey- David King
Motorik Innervisions- Pierre Ajavon, 2020
Metamorphosis – Will Bragger.
XX.XX.2020 – Eija Temisevä, 2020
Purple Toon/Tune – Barron Sherer,2020
Situs inversus viscerum totalis – Ian Gibbins
Interferences (1av3) – Luis Carlos Rodriquez
Ring – Angelina Voskopoulos
I Touched The Digital Film – Pasquale Palladino
Twisted – Matt Helme
Silent Edge – Enzo Cillo, 2017


Corridor – “I’m not someone so much interested in exploring a slice of life unless that is down the corridor, around the corner, up the alley, and down the rabbit hole.” – James Spader
This video was created using footage and soundtracks in the Public Domain, or released as CC0 Public Domain materials, and is made entirely from recycled, repurposed and refashioned images and sounds. Copyright © 2018 Wheeler Winston Dixon. All rights reserved.

Making America Straight & White Again is a collage of images and sounds found in the Public Domain, or materials released under a Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain license.” Making America Straight & White Again,” a détournement by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster. Copyright © 2018 Gwendolyn Audrey Foster. All rights reserved.

Apocryphal Journey- Abstract impression of a series of rail journeys. David King.

MOTORIK INNERVISIONS- Music & Video Art © Pierre Ajavon 2020

Metamorphosis- Butterflies, beetles, scotch tape and rhythmic paint. Will Bragger.

XX.XX.2020 is an abstract and symbolic film with movement, tempo, colours and light. It has a threatening and mysterious atmosphere with unknown moving objects, which come nearer and move further away. The music of Renè Munoz Còrdova supports the atmosphere in the world in the year 2020. Like corona virus comes and goes, people have to avoid other people: near and far away… Eija Temisevä.

Purple Toon/Tune- Researched and generated during an experimental media residency at Signal Culture, Owego, New York and completed at Oolite Arts takeover at Anderson Ranch Art Center, February and March 2020. Barron Sherer

Situs inversus viscerum totalis -This video is part of “Body of Evidence”, a multi-medium exhibition inspired by the impact of art on health held at the Adelaide Convention Centre 30 May – 1 July, 2016 featuring John Blines, Gina Czarnecki & The Australian Dance Theatre, Meg Cowell, Ian Gibbins,
Naomi Hunter, Cheryl Hutchens, Hans Kreiner, Kerryn Levy, Deborah Prior, Damien Shen, Angela Valamanesh & Thomas Yeend. Curated by Carollyn Kavanagh.
Situs Inversus Viscerum Totalis is a rare birth abnormality in which the positions of the internal organs are reversed. Sometimes, the internal organs are duplicated in mirror image, which is fatal. This video
takes those ideas to generate mirror-symmetrical images derived from Ian’s videos of living cells, his body, and the Adelaide Convention Centre. The soundtrack is made from sounds recorded at the Convention Centre. The quotes come from a well-known human embryology textbook. A different
version of the video was projected onto the windows of the Convention Centre. Ian Gibbins.

Interferences (1av3)- Interferences have consumed and lived a long time in our cohabitation with television and monitors, two dry blows to signal and tuning failures, breakdowns, maybe the dog has bitten the cable, … and subsequently manufactured interference, found, provoked, are part of our
audiovisual culture. We resume the discourse initiated in the early eighties and we have no choice but to declare again that the interference is beautiful. Luis Carlos Rodriquez.

Ring – Angelina Voskopoulos. Some of my artwork over the past years has been focused on ‘minimal movement’. My view regarding the power of that which is minimal has been reinforced by research, the application of ideas and the results from previous research. The movement of a unit is considered to be that which drives all things. I don’t wish to lead anyone to wonder about the physical world and its laws or create religious questions regarding God and creation. The project is centred on Man and his inner world. That which I call minimal movement, is the internal movement, internal action or intensity and how everything doesn’t necessarily have to entail external action. Even total lack of movement indicates internal intensities, conflicts, disputes and concerns.

I Touched The Digital Film (Or I touched the digital photography) is a craftworks series contrast against the digital flow of the images. The canvas is the scanner, the light has been produced with the movement of the hand
and the objects, getting the visual exhibition of the noise produced by the same objects set up. The hands grow up like a red rose on paper (acrylic painting on the print scanner) to remember the big man of Germano Celant and the techniques introduced by Georges Méliès. The sound takes out the traditional language and translate it in Morse International Code, making it like a mono sound with the visual effects of the noises ambient. Pasquale Palladino

Twisted-Film leader, twisted, inside out/ Upside down. Matt Helme.

Silent Edge is a work that questions vision itself. A reflection on the concept of limit, and the relationship between horizontal, vertical space, visible/invisible. Enzo Cillo.