HearteartH 2015


HearteartH 2015
International Videoart Project from Berlin
Curated by Sonia Armaniaco and Maria Korporal
From 15th September to 12th October 2016

VisualcontainerTV is proud to present the first entirely videoart project: HearteartH 2015 – only on Exhibitcontainer format – the place of the best contemporary videoart screening from all over the world.

HearteartH is a collective project for artists and media makers ideated by video artists Sonia Armaniaco and Maria Korporal.
The concept took life from these two interlocking words: HEART and EARTH. The strong symbolism of the two words, which are inevitably associated with life, has a strong pull. One is drawn into it. In the almost fateful dependence of these terms of one another, they seem inextricably linked together, even permanently, forever.
The assembly of Heart and Earth in the title, in one word, follows these substantive consequence. The nearly identical letters gives the impression of an anagram, and so the title gets something of a magic spell from which we can not escape. Due to the large H at the beginning and end of the word, the title sounds as a breath. Heartearth is so an unlimited ongoing project, as well as the topic has no end, “life goes on”, “the earth continues to rotate”. In this doubling of the word is a power that can give life.
As Life is always looking for additions and adjustments, Art as well has the force to open new viewpoints and new feelings about this peculiar theme; Art which is so close and yet so far away, and which can be so beautiful and at the same time frightening. Or Art could provide an opportunity to think about it.
HearteartH has already been presented in 2015 at the Berliner Liste (in the stand of the Medienwerkstatt) and Cel·AV | vídeo a Konvent in Barcelona..

Video Selection:

B K: The Earth’s Hum / The Music of Life.
Bob Peterson: Daydreams of the Otter.
Brian Kane: Healing Tool.
Cavestar: jackiron.
claRa apaRicio yoldi: Starry Starry Night.
Cristina Pavesi: Kronos.
Eija Temisevä: An attempt to be a tree.
Fran Orallo: down to earth.
Fred L’Epee: Bipolar.
JfR (Jean-Francois Réveillard): Human and Nature.
Juan Behrens: Helios.
Kent Tate: Fire & Water.
Larry Wang: time falls aching through my heart.
Lino Strangis: Just an apple.
Marcantonio Lunardi: My Heart.
Maria (Felix) Korporal: Is a dot a black hole?.
Maria (Felix) Korporal: HeartBeartH.
Maria Takeuchi: Utopia.
Mark Tholander: Emergence of the Constant.
Marta Moretto: Onde – Entropia.
Max Cooper and Tom Hodge: Renmants.
Michael Gaddini: Inside.
Michael Koenig: Earth.
minus . log: Sleeping Beauty.
Murat Sayginer: Ratio.
Myriam Thyes: Mutable Worlds.
Pendar NasserSharif: Nightmare.
Pinina Podestà: HearteartH.
Rafael C Teles: Sonho Brando.
Sebastian Wiedemann: Try to Move.
Shango (Gianluca Shango Pellegrino): RiseUp.
Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica: Anaximander.
Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica: It Is In The Air For You And Me.
Sylviatoyindustries (Sylvia Toy St. Louis): Origins: The First Human (Experiment 1).
Tariq Abdus-Sabur: LED ER EST – CC EXIT.
The Flying Sisters: HearteartH.
Volker Harrach: Heartbeat.
Yvana Samandova and Borjan Zarevski: Don’t paint with your hands.
ZIL & ZOY (Silke Kuhar & Zoy Winterstein): Silver Light.