Italian Video Emergencies, ITALY

Italian Video Emergencies
A special selection from VISUALCONTAINER
Italian Videoart Distributor
15 september – 30 october 2009

VisualContainerTv is happy to present a videoscreening with most challenging Italian video artworks, provided by the archive of the sole Italian distributor. After welcoming some of the most interesting international organisations dealing with videoart, it’s high time to show a selection of made-in-Italy videos filing under the distinctive feature of emergency: because of both its urge for expressing and comprehending contemporaneity in Italy and beyond and of its ever-growing need for emerging and circulating, also thanks to the promotion by VisualContainer.
The ExhibitContainer section, usually dealing with video compilations from international videoart festivals and curatorial projects, is now presenting 22 artists who have gained national and international reputation.

Rebecca Agnes, Francesco Arena, Riccardo Arena, Alessandra Arno’, Elena Arzuffi, Barbara Brugola, Silvia Camporesi, Pascal Caparros, Iginio De Luca, Maria Korporal, Luca Christian Mander, Pietro Mele, Patrizia Monzani, Sabrina Muzi, Tomoko Nagao, Christian Niccoli, Matteo Pasin, Cristina Pavesi, Mauro Romito, Sabrina Sabato, Natalia Saurin, Enzo Umbaca, Dubravka Vidovic

Besides, the monographic section “SpecialOne” is welcoming the video project BREATH/RESPIRI by Francesco Arena.
For this work, Arena has produced a series of 23 videos from 2004 to 2008, each of them being interpreted by a different male or female character, in order to give way to two-colour obsessions of faces breathing behind a glass (which often let themselves go to “forced” yet really touching intimate moods).
Each video has been performed by 23 international musicians coming from several environments, who have specifically composed brand new sound tracks.

* all videos are distributed by Visualcontainer –