Numériques et Poétiques International Videoart Festival
23th Edition, Marseille – France
27 October – 30 November 2010
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VisualcontainerTV is glad to host a selection from 23th Edition of Les Instants Vidéo, Numériques et Poétiques, International videoart festival, Marseille – France.
We’re honoured to welcome one of the most famous French videoart festivals, which has nowadays reached its 23th edition!
The selection is presented on ExhibitContainer, a format that only shows International Videoart festivals and curatorial projects from all over the world.
The on-line exhibition will be nearly simultaneous with the Festival’s opening in Marseille, to promote the best interaction between Italy and France on behalf of all videoart followers.

About 23th edition of Les Instants Video – Director of the Festival: Marc Mercier
The Instants Vidéo is the world’s record holder for its length (4 months), as well as for its width (3 continents, 8 countries, 15 cities and 30 places). This double athletic record has no more importance that of eggthrowing or that of the longest travelling in the history of cinema (300m in Godard’s Weekend). It is there only to show our disinthralled passion for Dionysiac excessiveness.

Marseilles : our anchorage ground as well as our runway.
From 3rd September to 19th December, the Nomadic Instants Vidéo,
with the help of partner-organisations, organise the festival stopovers.
The reason why the Instants Vidéo have chosen to be at the same time here and elsewhere -Marseilles being our anchorage ground as well as our runway- is the urge to feel in our flesh that we’re not isolated, that a cheerful and insubordinate constellation is being sketched in order to uphold the rallying cry of one of the smaller Resistance networks during World War II : To emancipate and federate our humanities. Here is an unreasonable network : Marseilles, Damascus, La Ciotat, Prague, Nice, Amsterdam, Alexandria, Aix-en- Provence, Oran, Martigues, Port-de-Bouc, [.BOX] Videoart Project Space Milan curated by Visualcontainer, Tlemcen, Kiev, Cairo, Florence.



Café con leche
de Thorsten Ecke
(Allemagne/Pologne, 2009) 1’38

Délicatesse (Delicacy)
de Triny Prada (France/Colombie, 2007) 2’33

Chicago Corner
de Bill Brown (USA, 2009) 4’35

de Kai Lossgott (Afrique du Sud, 2008) 2’24

La voûte
de Philippe Rouy (France, 2010) 7’10

Searching for Identity
de Medhat Mahmoud Mostafa Elsoudy
(Egypte, 2010) 5’39

Broken Windows
de Richard O’Sullivan
(Grande-Bretagne, 2009) 5’21

Malgré moi
de Marion Faure (France, 2008) 5’

de Mike Celona (USA, 2008) 2’11

de François Lejault (France, 2008) 6’24

The beast
de Jorge Garcia Velayos
(Espagne, 2009) 5’20
de Przemek Wegrzyn
(Pologne, 2007) 3’36

de José Man Lius (France, 2008) 3’03

de Bettina Mooshammer
(Autriche/Allemagne, 2010) 4’20