From the 20th of December to the 30th of January, 2024

Panoramica is an annual project by Visualcontainer that showcases the best of Italian experimental audiovisual production. The project is curated by Alessandra Arno. This year, the project is presented on VisualcontainerTV, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase this important curatorial project worldwide as the year comes to a close and a new one begins.

Panoramica*22 aims to gather the most representative works of the past year as a survey of the formal experimentation of the medium and the socio-political context. Artists who live and work in Italy were invited to present their produced works, and the most significant ones were selected based on the emerged topics from the artworks, the originality of the language, and the contemporary research and experimentation of the audiovisual medium.


Lorenzo Papanti – Expanded Memory, 5:55, 2022
Sonia Laura Armaniaco – WTU (watering the unseen), 2:39, 2022
Salvatore Insana – A quiet sunset, 2:00, 2022
Citron – Lunardi – Compost n.2, 3:31, 2022
Eleonora Roaro – Corvetto 1954, 2:43, 2022
Anouk Chambaz – Marica, 10:00, 2022
Maria Orciuoli – Planets_and_moons (empathy is a form of intensity), 4:30, 2022

The iridescent is variable and changeable; its perception changes depending on how you view it. Changing scenarios constantly can imply different meanings whenever we try to understand them.

The Panoramica*22 selection of works highlights this characteristic, showing everyday environments, places of memory, and digital spaces constantly evolving before the viewer’s eyes.

The complexity of vision is seen in the relationships between collective historical memories and digital environments, evolving landscapes, and the desire to establish empathetic relationships between different systems. In some cases, this is expressed through hybridizations between other species, requiring careful attention to reveal themselves. Sometimes, the vision is shaken by the possibility of daily catastrophes.

The iridescent is kaleidoscopic, multicoloured, and fascinating, impossible to understand at first glance.

Visualcontainer is a platform that was established in 2008 to research and promote video art and new media works. The platform’s primary objective is to showcase and highlight artists who work with the latest digital audiovisual languages, from hybrid forms to experimentation with new media, and to engage and captivate audiences and professionals. This long-term project aims to support and promote digital culture and emerging artists in Italy and beyond through a network of promotion and dissemination. As a result, we are always looking for new perspectives and partnerships.

Alessandra Arnò is involved in researching, scouting, and promoting audiovisual and multimedia works. She curates video art exhibitions in museums, private and institutional spaces, and festivals. Additionally, she shares her curatorial research and expertise in video art and new media by participating in conferences, round tables, and festival juries.