PROYECTOR 2012 International Videoart Festival, Madrid

Best of PROYECTOR 2012,
International Video Art Festival, Madrid
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Director: Mario Gutierrez Cru

from 1 March to 4 April 2013

VisualcontainerTv is glad to present the best of PROYECTOR Festival held on last December in Madrid, on Exhibitcontainer – format dedicated to videoart projects and festivals – will presenting the best of the edition 2012

Best of 2012
Videos selected:
Daniel Silvo (sp). Glásnost (transparencia en rojo). 3:24. 2011
Marcio-André (br). Landscape inside and outsider. 5:26. 2012
Maya Watanabe (pe). Aphanousia. 5:45. 2010
Miguel Guzmán Pastor (sp). Desde 6 / Selene. 3:00. 2011
Iván M. Valencia (sp). KUMBAYAH! – cutie series #2. 1:55. 2012
Guillermo Gómez (sp). Seed broadcast occupy. 8:25. 2012
Carlo Sampietro (it). Bunda Pandeiro. 2:10. 2012.
Sandra Torralba (sp). Estranged Sex XIX- video 4. 1:24. 2011
Annegien Van Doorn (nl). Domestic Science. 1:54. 2012
Ines von Bonhorst (pt) + Yuri Pirondi (it). The Guise. 10:00. 2012
Gabriela Marcondes (br). Poema diluido. 2:10. 2011
Carlos Gomes (pt) e Fran López (sp). UMA – short version. 10:37. 2013


The festival was also hosted in various venues in Madrid and Coimbra, along with site-specific events with Spanish and international video artists, presented simultaneously during the festival.Many were also parallel activities at the festival, including workshops, seminars and meetings to provide an additional point of reflection and discussion on the video as an artistic medium.

PROYECTOR, International Videoart Festival di Madrid, Espana;
KREÆ, Istituto della Creazione Contemporanea;