THE POSSIBILITY OF COLOR – Now&After Videoart Festival 2020

3 videoart selection from the latest edition of the famous festival held in Moscow
Director: Marina Fomenko

This year the International Video Art Festival Now&After for the tenth time presents the best-selected works sent to us by video artists from all over the world.

Now&After’20 topic is THE POSSIBILITY OF COLOR.
The main Now&After’20 program was postponed to April 2021 because of epidemiologic situation. However, we would like to present part of Now&After’20 program on VisualcontainerTV now, in 2020.
All videos which are presented on Visualcontainer Tv are combined into three blocks, the duration of each is around 80 minutes.

The first block will be screening 17.12-30.12.2020;
The second one – 31.12.2020-13.01.2021
The third one – 14.01-27.01.2021

“When we’re asked “What do the words ‘red’, blue’, ‘black’, ‘white’ mean?” we can, of course, immediately point to things which have these colours, but our ability to explain the meanings of these words goes no further!”
Ludwig Wittgenstein “Remarks on Color”

The world is colourful, the number of hues and shades it has is countless every artist knows that. Blue sea, azure sky, green leaves, grey concrete. Apart from visual perception, we can also understand colour in another way: happiness makes the world around you golden and orange, the world is painted in dull and passive grey when you’re bored, and the anticipation of spring infuses everything around you with green. However even green and golden world would seem black at the time of misery and pain, and red if blood was spilt.
In their works, the artists explore colour as a social and cultural metaphor for real and virtual worlds, memory, and the possibilities of the future.
Curator Marina Fomenko

Now&After’20 artists and schedule



  1. Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Selfie, Spain, 2019, 9:50
  2. Marina Chernikova, No Stops, Russia, 2018, 3:40
  3. Ro Caminal, If I Steal the Sea from You, Spain, 2018, 15:00


  1. Joel Cortina Suárez, A Desert Appears, Argentina, 2019, 8:00
  2. Hiroya Sakurai, The Stream X, Japan, 2019, 7:00
  3. Francisco José Fargas, The Deer Woman, Spain, 2018, 7:52
  4. William Humphrey, Devenir Personne, Canada, 2019, 12:10
  5. Jacqueline Heeley, Philippe Faujas, The Long Way Round, Ireland, 2020, 13:44


  1. Kamen Stoyanov, Up and Through, Austria, 2020, 10:00
  2. Silvia De Gennaro, Aeternus Amor, Italy, 2020, 5:18

International Video Art Festival Now&After has been carried out in Moscow since 2011. Now&After focuses on presentation, development and promotion both Russian and international video art, getting together emerging and established artists from around the world to present their works to the general audience. Traditionally the festival takes place at the museum’s space, where during a few weeks the festival program is being demonstrated as a multi-channel video installation. Now&After was held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, at the State Museum of Gulag History and at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, at the State Darwin Museum, at CCI Fabrika, Artplay Center. The festival is organized by non-profit organization Media Art Centre Now&After and collaborates with cultural organizations in Russia and abroad presenting its collections nationally and internationally. We present Now&After collections and exhibitions in Italy, France, Taiwan, Germany, Greece, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, etc. Founding director/curator of International Video Art Festival Now&After is Marina Fomenko.