The (re)production of space, ITALY

The (re)production of space
12 – 28 febbruary 2009

Project Preview of LOOP Festival Barcelona

“Henri Lefebvre asserted that any society produces a space of its own. Space is a social product, or rather a complex social environment – based upon values and the production of meanings – which involves space relationships and perception.
To film the urban space means to compare the movement of metropolitan structures and people with static architecture, silence with noise, emptiness with fullness, private space with public sharing; but it also means to superimpose images from the emotional memory, sensations and interpretations which do convert the real into mind landscapes.
The selected artists show several interpretations on the social space, that is to say of the urban space: a fragment of the real is set against abstract resolving, levels overlapping, graphic processing and staging.
The video-works thus become procedures of action within the spatial triad enunciated by Lefebvre (i.e. the lived, perceived and imagined space): a way of understanding, dreaming and transforming.” Patrizia Monzani

Patrizia Monzani has followed a cinematographic education and worked as a film director and editor. An author of several videopoems in collaboration with contemporary poets, she is currently involved in the videoart world, also as a curator following cooperations with LOOP festival and She is the starter of the Young Art project Gedanken-strich, for which she has published a magazine with the same title and curated relevant exhibitions.

Curator: Patrizia Monzani

Artists: Kim Collner, Ho-yeol Ryu; Arne Fehmel; Pascal Fendrich – Bernd Härpfer; Beate Kunath; Martina Wolf; Daniel Urria