Ferrara International Videoart Festival (Italy)
Curated by Vitaliano TETI – Art Director

19th March – 14th April 2010

VisualContainer is happy to present a selection of video artworks by young authors who partecipated to the third edition of THE SCIENTIST ’09 – Videoart International Festival, Ferrara – Italy

The Videoart international festival “The Scientist”, now at the fourth edition, by putting together production and art skills and new prospective programming, has allowed the conceptual video and the electronic arts to restart in Ferrara, a well known location for the production and diffusion of videoart.
The festival is managed by the cultural Association “Ferrara Video&Arte” thanks to international curators and partnership; it mainly focuses on video artworks from universities, Art academies and Art colleges that are perfectly aware of the digital language of contemporary video.

L’Assedio di Eleonora Tonini, 6’20” – Italy – 2009
Real-lusion di Claudia Carboni, 4’23”, Italy – 2009
Me And My Arrows di Marius Tanasescu, 5’20”, Canada – 2009
(F)* di videolab Tecnologo1, 2’41”, Italy – 2009
Home & Away di Michael Szpakowski, 4’40”, NY – UK – 2009
Current di Rettnoise, 4’11”, Germany – 2008
Fucking CCTv Vision di videolab Tecnologo4, 2’32”, Italy – 2009
Reflexión estética di Dano Avelino Sala, 3’45” – Spain 2007
Body Machine-body Image di videolab Tecnologo8, 2’54”, Italy – 2009
Automata di Blanca Medellin, 5’ – Mexico 2008
Delicate Air of Freedom di videolab Tecnologo 11, 1’30”, Italy – 2008
Iron Dance, videolab Tecnologo12, 2’ 41”, Italy – 2009
Serial killer di Juan Carlos Robles, 3’45” – Andalucia (E) 2006/7
After still life:Timothy Tompkins and Giorgio Morandi di Giovanni Tutti 7’02”, Italy 2009
Improvvvv di Endre Tveitan, 6’14”, Norway – 2007
Shadow of a dreamer di Sarah Dell’Onze 11’, London-GB – 2007
Buscandote en Buenos Aires by Fabio Bobbio 3’, Argentina – 2008

About Art Director: Vitaliano Teti
Teacher of Audiovisual Production at the Ferrara University, has been the art director of the Videoart International Festival The Scientist for three years, a more and more emerging festival within the Italian videoart environment, as well as the curator of the International and Videodance sections and co-curator of the University section together with the teacher of contemporary art history.
As a curator, he has selected video artworks for the Barcellona LOOP festival, Wall Paper Dance in Trieste, the Nave Spacial in Siviglia, High Foundation and Zuni Contemporary Art in Ferrara.
An expert on the theories, language and techniques of video and film, he has organized reviews, seminars and screenings about independent movies and creative editions.