VIDEO ART IN QUÉBEC, Vidéographe, Montréal




A project by Vidéographe, Montréal – Québec

Karine Boulanger and Audrey Brouxel
17 March – 13 April 2016
Artists:Nathalie Bujold, Nayla Dabaji, Chantal duPont, Pierre Hébert and René Lussier, Véronique La Perrière M., Rick Raxlen, Andrée-Anne Roussel, Guillaume Vallée and Steven Woloshen.


Vidéographe is pleased to present a part of the video selection from its collection which was presented at the 6th edition of the Tehran Limited Access Festival in Ispahan and in Tehran, Iran. This international Festival of moving images, sound and performance was founded by Parkingallery Projects an Independent art space for new media in Tehran.
This programme showcases works from Vidéographe’s collection that represent approaches by multidisciplinary artists of different generations and with different influences. All have been produced over the last three years with the exception of Rick Raxlen’s video, which takes us back some 30 years and serves to demonstrate the evolution of video art in Quebec and where it is today.
Whether analogue or digital, these videos push the materiality of the medium and equally demonstrate experimentation or the use of decomposition in sound. The spectator becomes immersed in poetic and dreamlike worlds in which utopia and dystopia cross over, subverting our understanding of the world.


15 soldiers, 11 machines, 8 cows by Rick Raxlen
(Art video / Canada – 1983 / Color / 8 min. 36 / No dialogue)

Tears of Eros by Andrée-Anne Roussel and Guillaume Vallée
(Experimental / Canada – 2014 / Super 8 / Color / 5 min. 12 / Spanish / French subtitles, English subtitles)

Frobisher Bay by Steven Woloshen
(Animation / Canada (Québec) – 2012 / 35 mm / Color / 2 min. 45 / No dialogue)

You look like me by Pierre Hébert and René Lussier
(Animation / Canada – 2014 / Color / 5 min 45 / English)

Visages by Chantal duPont
(Art video / Canada (Québec) – 2013 / HD / Color / 2 min. 14 / No dialogue)

Le Souffle d’Uranie by Véronique La Perrière M.
(HD video, image and sound, 8min57 minutes)

Textile de cordes by Nathalie Bujold
(Art video / Canada (Québec) – 2013 / HD / Color / 1 min. 20 / No dialogue)

Rumours by Nayla Dabaji
(Art video / Canada – 2015 / Color / 8 min 24 / French & English / English subtitles)


About Vidéographe

Videographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to research and dissemination of experimental forms of moving images. This mission centers around three main lines: the distribution and showing of work and a fair payment of copy rights to the artists; to participate and initiate the dissemination of works and the development of audiences by programming activities which highlight the richness and plurality of this artistic practise; support the establishment of professional knowledge and the development of the media arts community.

Videographe exists to:
– Offer specialised distribution services which support the dissemination of, primarily, Canadian work.
– Put in place programming that deepens the thinking around and about moving images, in collaboration with programmers, curators, festivals, educational institutions and cultural groups.
– Facilitate research and development by offering advice and support to artists as well as access to resources and expertise.
– Offer a place for human gathering and for dissemination of work.



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