When Roots Sparkle, Vibrisse Sprout VVV-Residency

From the 17th of March to the 18th of April 2023

Artists: Daisy Bayliss, Evelyn Chow, Amie Dodgson, Katie Kelly.

The exhibition “When roots sparkle, vibrisse sprout” displays the result of the process of research and sharing that began in January with the VVV-R research and audiovisual production residency.

In March, the exhibition was presented at SuperOtium, Naples, including talks and meetings with artists, curated by Alessandra Arnò and Simona Da Pozzo.

When Roots Sparkle, Vibrisse Sprout

Through exploring images and clips found in the vast sea of the web, the artists return to our vision of the process of re-signification of some fragments of the digital collective imagination through four works.

The artists’ works meet at the intersection of the plant and animal worlds through a shared and multifaceted investigation into perception. Each work investigates perception from a decentralized perspective using different research strategies and tools based on the web: elaboration of questionnaires and feedback loops, data collection on animal vision, repositioning in the narrative approach, and explorations of the microscopic.

Video List

Evelyn Chow, I M TIME, 01:46, colours, sound, 2023

Daisy Bayliss, The Hunt, 01:35, colour, sound, 2023

Katie Kelly, When Nature Reclaims, 03:16, colour, Sound, 2023

Amie Dodgson, waves crash softly, 04:12, colour, Sound, 2023

VVV-R, and the exhibition When roots sparkle, vibrisse sprout, are a Visualcontainer Platform and Vegapunk// Ex-Voto project curated by Alessandra Arnò and Simona Da Pozzo in collaboration with Arts University Bournemouth, as part of Global Networks and Super Otium.

2023 Art residency is commissioned by Arts University Bournemouth in the frame of Global Networks program curated By Richard Waring.

Evelyn Chow
I M TIME, 01:46, colour, sound, 2023

I M TIME is a video that uses an unusual way of talking about the most mysterious thing we cannot see, hear smell, I M TIME is a video that uses an unusual way of talking about the most mysterious thing, which we cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. It is a poem about time, it speaks the time, and it is made by the time. Time has been humanised; from the first perspective, time introduces itself to the audience. The talking is centred around the relationship between humans and temporality. It displays how humans think and define time, how they measure time, and how they feel about time. Time becomes colours in this black and white video. It looks like space, an unknown element full of possibility and secrets. The duration of movements defines the rhythm of the work and is a subjective way of understanding time.  I acted and pretended to be time, facing its uncertainty and invisibility.

Daisy Bayliss
The Hunt, 01:35, colour, sound, 2022

This work explores the relationship between the human and the animal using the image of the fox to symbolise and play with the human constructs of ‘daily life’ and  ‘wild nature’. Looking at the history of foxes in relation to humans highlights the imbalance of the power we hold over them with our actions. From taxidermizing them to fox hunting, they are placed into the human narrative. I aim to show the absurdity of human/animal dichotomy with this video work, called The Hunt, to merge together the perspective of the animal and human in a humorous ‘hunt’ for food. My interest in this topic was sparked by my sightings of foxes in town passing me on the street in the evenings or early morning, revealing our connections in this human-dominated environment.  

Katie Kelly
When Nature Reclaims, 03:16, Colour, Sound, 2023

In response, ‘When Nature Reclaims’ explores a future of what is to come after an ecological crisis where nature is featured as the protagonist. This video is about nature’s side of the story and its ability to survive through anything. Using microscopic perspectives of different plants and fungi, the viewer is transferred into a micro-marco vegetative world footage of roots and mycelium growing layered with these microscopic views that combine the enlargement of this fictional world with continuous growth. Heavily inspired by science fiction and ecological authors and theorists, I researched others’ interpretations of the future to create a narrative of my own. The highly saturated and vibrant colour scheme is influenced by sci-fi and cyberpunk games and art. Colour becomes a strategy to highlight vegetal agency and acts as a surreal parallel to what nature looks like today, allowing the viewer to imagine the possibilities of what nature could evolve into. The sound acts as an eery sci-fi background to this world, combined with sound frequency recordings of a variety of plants and fungi to allow this world to feel alive and as if nature is speaking to us.

Amie Dodgson
Waves Crash Softly, 04:12, color, Sound, 2023

The video is informed by primary research collected from a group of people who took part in a survey on ‘sensory overload’. ‘Sensory overload’ occurs when one or more of the senses becomes overstimulated in some way. The visuals are informed by the places and situations which evoke the experience of sensory overload. The sound is informed by what ‘helps’ when experiencing sensory overload. There is a play between the sound, or lack of sound, which was an investigation into whether the same sensations which occur within the body still occur despite there being no sound and using subtitles and closed captions in a repetitive way as a way to evoke a calm response.

VVV-R, and the exhibition When roots sparkle, vibrisse sprout, are a Visualcontainer Platform and Vegapunk// Ex-Voto project curated by Alessandra Arnò and Simona Da Pozzo in collaboration with Arts University Bournemouth, as part of Global Networks and Super Otium.

V V V – R

video art residencies
a project by
Alessandra Arnò, Visualcontainer
Simona Da Pozzo, Vegapunk.

VVV Residency is a project of critical reflection and an audiovisual production time articulated through a residency, an exhibition and an event to introduce the student to the contemporary artistic professional field.
The project is articulated around a web-based artistic residency in its tools and the analysis and use of online digital audiovisuals to create new works.

VVV-Residency is an online residency, an exhibition and an event time

The project aims to experiment with moving image and video art through an online artistic residence in which the Academy’s students while creating the work, move in a professional research environment with process collaborative and horizontal.

The path ends with selecting the most exciting works and their presentation and promotion on a professional level through the online exhibition on the VisualcontainerTv digital platform.
The exhibition will be visible 24/7 in the Exhibitcontainer section dedicated to the Best of International Festivals and independent curatorial projects.

The artists and Course Leaders participate in a live public moment (screening and talk) where the various international academy participants meet in an event divided into a screening and a talk. The event presents artists and works created in residence to the Naples art scene, involving institutions, curators and cultural planners.
SuperOtium, a residential space in Naples’s historic centre, promotes the event.

For info info@visualcontainer.tv

The project results from the process of transformation of the residence born in 2014 in Milan. Since then, the experience has continued by connecting different realities and academies, such as NABA, The Blank, Tilde, Via Farini, Non-Riservato and AUB university with which we launched VVV-Residency in 2020 as a digital evolution of the project.

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