32nd Instants Video (Marseille / France) 

Curator Marc Mercier
from 8th of November to 10th of December 2019

Artist: Mahdi Falahati (Iran)/ Mohamed Ezzat Sayed (Egypt)/ Arit Emmanuela (GB)/ Mikio Saito (Japan)/Vasilis Karvounis (Greece)/ Mathias Choo (Singapore)/ Hamza Kırbas (Turkey)/ Mauricio Sanhueza (Perù)/ Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt – USA)/ Ehab Aziz (Egypt – Germany)/ Matthias Fritsch (Germany)/ Giovanny Rendón Castaneda (Colombia)/ Elli Vuorinen (Finland)/ Fran Orallo (Spain)/ Draga Jovanovic (Canada)


« And even if nothing would be has we had hoped it would change nothing of our hopes they would remain a necessary utopia… » (in The Image Book by Jean-Luc Godard) Artists of the world, let’s unite our films so that every human being can walk around the earth freely, as weightless as a cosmonaut in outer space. We need dance, poetry and contest.
Marc Mercier


Video selection:

The Ruin (10’ – 2018) / Mahdi Falahati (Iran)
Confusion (1’12 – 2019) / Mohamed Ezzat Sayed (Egypt)
Remittance (3’14 – 2018) / Arit Emmanuela (GB)
We are Lumpen (3’45 – 2018) / Mikio Saito (Japan)
Who are you? (3’13 – 2017) / Vasilis Karvounis (Greece)
STATE OF DOGma (3’25 – 2019) / Mathias Choo (Singapore)
Powerism (2’06 – 2018) / Hamza Kırbas (Turkey)
The Magic Bullet (3’06 – 2018) / Mauricio Sanhueza (Perù)
Crossover (the Scene) (7’ – 2017) / Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt – USA)
Missing Manuscripts – The candy seller (1’50 – 2018) / Ehab Aziz (Egypt – Germany)
Yesterday was a day of rumour and counter rumour (3’ – 2019) / Matthias Fritsch (Germany)
Disappear (desaparecer) (5’20 – 2018) / Giovanny Rendón Castaneda (Colombia)
Still Lives (6’02 – 2019) / Elli Vuorinen (Finland)
The cocoon and the butterfly (5’35 – 2019) / Fran Orallo (Spain)
I am just a sound when I talk (6’23 – 2019) / Draga Jovanovic (Canada)
We are Lumpen –  Aoi Swimming and Mikio Saito


Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques is a non-profit art organisation (association law 1901) that inherited from the international Festival Les Instants Vidéo founded in 1988 in Manosque (Department of Alpes de Haute Provence). Based in Marseille (since 2004), the association spread out all year long, here and there, a choice of international art works representative of the large diversity of video and digital writings: screenings, exhibition of installations, performances… which show the trans-disciplinarity of video art, since its invention (dance, music, poetry…).
Driven by a deep concern for new languages, new poetical audacities, we care about history (where does video art comes from? Where is video art today? Where is video art going?) and at the same time about the evolution of technologies.
We try to imagine different ways of presenting the works, mingling cultures (“high brow” and “popular”, contemporaries and traditionals…).
We go meeting the publics and the artists who we like to name the electronic poets.