Camouflage #5

Camouflage is a project by VEGAPUNK and Marisol Malatesta (Spazio TILDE), Alessandra Arnò (VISUALCONTAINER) and Simona Da Pozzo (VEGAPUNK – EX Voto)
realized in collaboration with Non Riservato, Ex-Voto, VisualContainer, Art University Bournemouth.

from 11th December to 22th of January 2020
only on VisualcontainerTV

VisualcontainerTV welcomes the new program dedicated to Academic video art production.
Academy is the ever-new program focused on student’s experimental video production from New media Academy from all over the world.

The fifth online exhibition is dedicated to Camouflage project (UK/IT), in cooperation with the Art University Bournemouth (AUB) and selected students of the academy of fine art based in Italy, and young artists.
The students selected by open call who explore the concept and meaning of camouflage in almost every sense of the word, presenting video art as a device that manipulates and disguises reality.

Artists: Carmine Pistone // Albert Summers // Cesare Saldicco // Sandra Araújo //Anja Dimitrijević // Boris Contarin // Eleonora Roaro // Daniele Zoico – Antonella Campisi // Celina Duprat // Freddy Churchil //Evie Redwood // Gabriela Cohen

Video selection:

Subscribe, Play’n’Die – Carmine Pistone 2’4″, Mp4, 48 khz, 2019
u$aarv3.0 – Sandra Araújo, 3’59”, 16:9, stereo, Portugal, 2019
Self – Albert Summers, 42″, H.264 (MP4) 48000 HZ, Uk 2019
Autumn of the Nations – Cesare Saldicco, 3’, 1980×1020, AACH.264, stereo 48KHz 24 bit
Milioni (di milioni) – Boris Contarin 9’46″ Video HD 2018
Valle delle Sfingi – Anja Dimitrijević e Emanuele Zampieri 3’37”,16:9, stereo, Italia 2017
Il cuore di tutte le cose – Antonella Campisi e Daniele Zoico – 4kto 1080p, color, sound, venice 2015
Vanishing Point – Eleonora Roaro, 6’24”, 1920×1080 16:9, nosound, Utah, 2019
Operación Contemplación – Mariana Bellotto, Juan Diego Camacho & Celina Duprat2’40” Loop
Talking Code – Freddy Churchill, 1’31”,MPEG, AAC, Uk 2019
Inanimate Objects Performing – Evie Redwood, 19’ mp4, Italy 2019
Face movie – Gabriela Cohen, 25″, MP4, nosound, UK 2016


Art University Bournemouth (UK)