35° Instants Video Festival Marseille (FR)

Listening to the big clock (55’46)

a screening program available 24/24H, from November 16 to December 20

Artists: Łukasz Horbów (Poland) – Fabian Volti (Italy) – Mehdi Maleki (Iran) – Marko Tadic (Croatia) – c999 (Italy) – Debora Vrizzi (Italy)

« The earth turns, 
The moon turns
The plane, in the sky, turns 
The seabirds turn 
While I am wondering 
Listening to the big clock, 
The clock of time 
That marks the cadence 
Of the years » (ML)

Videoart program:

They lie, we lie (1’02 – 2021) / Łukasz Horbów (Poland)
When I am done, when I say that I know everything that is happening in the world, about the political, climate, economic, ecological crisis, etc., I mean it. When I tell you all this, don’t tell me if I am right or wrong, if you agree with me or not, if it is true or not. I don’t know yet where or how, but I’m going to run away. 

Umbras (16’10 – 2021) / Fabian Volti (Italy)
It is a missed coincidence, a step in and out of time, between archive footage and fleeting encounters of a father and son, guardians of a time that is still repeated.

Mom (3’37 – 2022) / Mehdi Maleki (Iran)
A mother gets crazy, waiting for her son to return from the war. She sits by the window every day and she talks to the imagination of her son. Years pass and nobody return. 

Events Meant to Be Forgotten (6′ – 2020) / Marko Tadic (Croatia)
Filmed in 16mm, this visual expression is rooted in archival footage and inspired by a poem by Hans Magnus Enzensberger about the people the world has forgotten.

Timeless (14’09 – 2021) / c999 (Italy)
The movie is inspired by the life of a little-known character in the history of Italian music: Emanuele Muzio. disciple of Giuseppe Verdi, who was a composer and orchestra director. In this short film his true role in the history of humanity is revealed.

Maris B653 (18’25 – 2021) / Debora Vrizzi (Italy)
Over time, I have come to understand the distance between my view of the world and the
view of my family that I have left here. Sometimes I perceive such a distance that I
imagine myself exploring a new planet, as if I were an astronaut

About Instants Video Festival

Since 1988, we presented more that 4600 artists and 7000 art works in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Middle East, Far East, Central Asia, South and North America. We owe them so much. We are go-between.
2022: From 2022, it is a collective of 4 persons that share the responsibilities of the association artistic choices. It is therefore putting into practise new forms of working together, with the desire to introduce horizontality in the process of fabrication of the festival, as well as in the relationships with artists.