From the 14th of December to the 25th of January, 2023

PANORAMICA* 21 is the new annual Visualcontainer project dedicated to Italian experimental audiovisual production curated by Alessandra Arno’, now presented on VisualcontainerTV

An interesting occasion to show this important curatorial project worldwide for the end/beginning of the new year!

The idea arises from the need to collect the most representative works of the past year as a survey on the formal experimentation of the medium and the socio / political context, which has left traces in the artistic research of the authors.

We invited the artists who live and work in Italy to present the works produced and selected the most significant ones: the selection criteria applied are based on the originality of the language and the contemporary research and experimentation of the audiovisual medium.

CHANGES OF STATE // The curatorial selection of PANORAMICA * 21

Sonia Laura Armaniaco – Expandable and Fragile, 1:54
Lorenzo Papanti – Dimensional Spasm, 3:35
Matteo Campulla – Be here now, 3:33
Apotropia – Entelechia Obscura, 4:00
Gianni Barelli – Elegia della solitudine, 3:35
Simona Da Pozzo – Humid Shared Volume, 2:29
Benedetta Fioravanti – A Fragment of The, 8:00
Duccio Ricciardelli – Albatros, 1:54,
Gianmarco Donaggio – Milano di Carta, 7:05
Silvia De Gennaro – Travel Notebook Italy: Rome, 4:49

The gaze at the video production of 2021 offers a varied overview of the experiments that the artists have ideally implemented to change status, cross a threshold or make a transition.

The need to go further, to explore other scenarios or to transfigure into another, becomes a practice carried out through technology, self-consciousness or the computational world.

The territories described in this selection are areas of passage, projections of our mind, places of memory or everyday spaces emptied of conscious presence, which become soft membranes to be crossed.

This selection of video art highlighted the recurring thoughts, practices and reflections on such a particular historical moment that, for the first time, unites both authors and viewers.

PANORAMICA*21 has been presented at:
MAC – Contemporary Art Museum of LISSONE (MB) ITALY 19.03 // 17.04.2022

Visualcontainer is a platform dedicated to research on the curation and dissemination of video art and new media works, founded in 2008.

The goal is to enhance and promote artists and the most current digital audiovisual languages, from hybrid forms to experimentation with the latest new media, to approach and excite the public and updated professionals.

This is a long-term project which, through the promotional network and dissemination, aims to support and enhance the most current digital culture and emerging artists in their experiments in Italy and abroad. For this reason, we are always in search of new points of view and collaborations.

Alessandra Arnò

(b. 1977, Milan, Italy)

She moves on research, scouting and promotion in the audiovisual and multimedia through curating video art exhibitions in museums, private and institutional spaces and festivals. In addition, she shares her curatorial research into conferences; round tables focused on video art and new technologies and festival juries in Italy and abroad as an expert in video art and new media.