36th Instants Vidéo – It was as beautiful as in my head – Marseille (FR)

GLOBAL OPENING with Marseille (FR)
Marseille + Milan + VisualcontainerTV
From the 19th of October to the 21st of November 2023

Artists: Antonia Luxem (United Kingdom) – Laura Leppert (Germany) – YiYang Sun (China) – Michel Pavlou (Norway) – Laura Hyunjhee Kim & Chirs Corrente (United States) – Alexandre Alagôa (Portugal) – Cherry Blossoms (2’55 – 2022) / JiIl Guyon (United States) – Vianney Pétré (France).

Videoart program

RED RED RED (5’46 – 2023) / Antonia Luxem (United Kingdom)
This is a film made from a frame. The frame is made from words. The words are made from life.

Circumscribe (9’08 – 2022) / Laura Leppert (Germany)
Technology companies have been patenting gestures for many years – some of them some of which we have been using for more than a decade. To navigate and communicate with the interface, users must inevitably learn these corporate-developed gestures and move their bodies accordingly. Just as gesture vocabulary is homogenized, monetized, and absorbed into private property, these patents lay claim to human movement.

Tatata (4’26 – 2021) / YiYang Sun (China)
Based on the research, interviews and records of the three conditions of Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, Chondropathy, Marfan syndrome, I made these three personal pseudo-documentary animations.This film not only represent the three of them, but also represent all of us who are neglected and need to establish emotional connections around us.

There is no reverse metamorphosis (3’ – 2022) / Michel Pavlou (Norway)
Time, the incessant rotation of everything on itself and around others. When our orbits, at times, get aligned, we build memory, we gain duration. Morhed images, animated abstract textures and Natasha Heidsieck Mak’s text/voice compose the flow of the video
It brings into light the mutual – conflictual relationship between content and interface images.

BLINK (2’30 – 2023) / Laura Hyunjhee Kim & Chirs Corrente (United States)
BLINK examines Human/AI collaboration as a breakpoint in concepts of creativity and artistic identity. To “blink” creates a point of convergence and entanglement; a transitory event that holds the power to fix or unfix reality. Each “blink” creates a subspace beyond what the retina registers, fracturing space-time experiences. “Blink-by-blink”, the artist duo unveils an indeterminate destination illuminated with imperceptible happenings.

GRID (14’ – 2021) / Alexandre Alagôa (Portugal)
A ritual of grids, reflections and chasms; a complete state of entropy; a space that devours itself; a vertigo that destroys the gravity of the Earth; a trap that captures us inside the voids of the screen of light. “That blank arena wherein converge at once the hundred spaces” (Hollis Frampton).

After Winter, Cherry Blossoms (2’55 – 2022) / JiIl Guyon (United States)
A blossoming cherry tree is the starting point for a visual investigation of mortality and re-birth. Through the application of imaging effects, glowing pink blossoms transfigure into a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic display. The intricate patterns that unfold bathe the viewer in a lush, digitized floral world. Both euphoric and serene, the cherry tree is a timeless metaphor for human existence—a melancholic yet glorious reminder of the fragility and transience of life.

Wildlife Surveillance (2’2 – 2022) / Vianney Pétré (France)
Wildlife Surveillance is a fictional surveillance footage of real non-humans inhabiting a 3D world. The scenes are set in two distinct biotopes. The shots were speculatively taken in March (Sheep) and August (Lady Bug) 2022.

About Instants Video Festival

Since 1988, we presented more than 4600 artists and 7000 artworks in Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Central Asia, and South and North America. We owe them so much. We are go-between.
2022: From 2022, it is a collective of 4 persons that share the responsibilities of the association’s artistic choices. It is therefore putting into practice new forms of working together, with the desire to introduce horizontality in the process of fabrication of the festival, as well as in the relationships with artists.