Curated by David King (Australia)
from the 1st of August to the 16th of September 2023

Artists: Matt T. Helme (USA) – Silo Portem (UlVScotland) – Dirk de Bruyn (Australia) – Pierre Ajavon (France) – Basak Stewart-nee-Demirbas (Turkey/Australia) – David King (Australia) – Jose Canepa (Chile/Germany) – Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie (Australia)

The premier edition of Eclectic Dreams was conceptualized and organized by David King. It was showcased at The North Bellarine Film Festival held at Potato Shed in Drysdale in 2018 and later at The Project Space in Geelong in 2019 Australia. Now, VisualcontainerTv takes immense pleasure in presenting the inaugural edition online, which connects with other Eclectic Dreams selections.


1 – Under the Sea (3.54′) Matt T. Helme (USA)
2 – Cavernous Foundry (1.53′) Silo Portem (UlVScotland)
3 – Empire (7.43′) Dirk de Bruyn (Australia)
4 – Moonage Daydream #27 (3.56′) Pierre Ajavon (France)
5 – Video Orb (1.53′) Basak Stewart-nee-Demirbas (Turkey/Australia)
6 – Apocryphal Journey (1.54′) David King (Australia)
7 – The Water Waves (8.48′) Jose Canepa (Chile/Germany)
8 – Pancoran (9.14′) Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie (Australia)

David King is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and video artist whose works have been screened in festivals, galleries and museums around the world. He also curates the annual Exploratory Visions animation + experimental + avant-garde film program. He lives in the Australian seaside town of Portarlington with his partner Andrea and daughter Alesha.