A SPACE WE CHOOSE, Now&After Festival Moscow

Nastya Kuzmina, Nadya Grishina_A Fuss

International Video Art Festival Now&After’15 selection
7 July – 1 August 2016
Curated by Marina Fomenko

Artists: Luca Ferri, Giulia Vallicelli, Dario Agazzi – claRa apaRicio yold – Marco Fedele di Catrano – Marina Fomenko – Lucie Libotte – Ira Tsykhanskaya – Susanne Wiegner – Anuk Miladinovic – Dasha Vlasova – Nastya Kuzmina and Nadya Grishina.

Space is a philosophical category, as well as our everyday routine and the basic concept of architecture. Artists turn to the architecture of the present, projects of the future and ruins of the past. They explore a space that exists in the relationship with time and a space as an expansion and dimension; personal space and the space of the “other”. Artists involve us in a sphere of memories and in a virtual life, offering to take a glimpse into our habitations and to look around.

International Video Art Festival Now&After has been held annually in Moscow since 2011. The festival is traditionally being held within a museum space, where during few weeks its program films are being demonstrated as a multi-channel video installation. Organizers of International Video Art Festival Now&After’15 were Media Art Centre Now&After and The State Museum of Architecture.

Video selection:
1. Luca Ferri, Giulia Vallicelli, Dario Agazzi, Ridotto Mattioni, Italy, 10:00, 2014
2. claRa apaRicio yoldi, RAM_city (1000 screens), UK, 6:20, 2014
3. Marco Fedele di Catrano, Untitled, Switzerland, 5:30, 2014
4. Marina Fomenko, Depot (Adaptation), Russia, 8:45, 2014
5. Lucie Libotte, Dust Matter(s)2, UK , 2:45, 2014
6. Ira Tsykhanskaya, New Moscow, Russia, 2:00, 2013
7. Susanne Wiegner, Kafka’s Room, Germany, 3:30, 2012
8. Anuk Miladinovic, Access, Switzerland, 9:17, 2012
9. Dasha Vlasova, Leave Me Alone, Russia, 2:22, 2013
10. Nastya Kuzmina, Nadya Grishina, a Fuss, Russia, 5:48, 2014